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Afraid to load Quicken 2014

I've received a CD for Quicken 2014 and am thinking about trying it.  But am worried.  I tried a Quicken 2012 "update" recently and found I could no longer download transaction records from my credit card agencies.  Had to call a tech, who got me to delete Quicken altogether and reinstall.  
So, now I'm scared of trying anything.  Anybody out there have something reassuring to say?
  • Frankly.  My recommendation would be to wait a few months until they come out with more of the patch releases to fix the problems.  I know not what you want to hear, but it is what I think is best.  Quicken 2014 might work fine for you, but for a lot of people it has proven to have quite a few problems.  If got a real good deal on it I might hold on to the CD until say when the patch releases are complete (around April), if not I would return it, and rebuy it later.

    Now mind what you mostly see here is just the problems.  People don't come here to say how good it is working, but on the other hand with Quicken there is no question that people that install Quicken when it first comes out have a much higher chance of something not working right then if they wait a few months.
  • A comment about using the Promo CD.  If you use it and pay the fee to Intuit, you will get a "code" to allow your copy to work.  In a few years, if you are still using that version and need to re-install quicken for some reason (new computer or disk crash), that code may no longer be valid and you may not be able to get another code.
    So my advice is to either buy Quicken in a box that will not require an "unlock" code or buy it as a download which will not require a code either.  When you do decide to buy, shop around, there will be deals to be found especially at Amazon or the big box stores.
If it were me I would wait to reload until Intuit fixes 2014. There are way too many issues with the program with no short term solutions. I wish I had just stayed on 2013 which worked great.
    Not having too much luck with it so far.  Just a month in.  Lots of crashes

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