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using quicken 2010 on surface pro

I am unable to do get quicken 2010 to recognize the .qif file from my bank. The system asked what file should open it and I have selected the Quicken launcher but nothing happens.  Any ideas?
    2010?  Sorry but 2010 has been discontinued from all online services.  

    When you buy Quicken you get 3 years of downloading service.  But you can still use your program manually.  I was using Quicken 2004 manually up until Dec 2012 then I switched to Q2013.  If you want to continue to download you will have to buy newer version of Quicken when online services is stopped.

    See QuickenTamara's excellent post here…

    Quicken Discontinuation Policy…

    Quicken 2010 was discontinued April 2013.
    Quicken 2011 in April 2014
    Quicken 2012 in April 2015 and so on…

    • Are you saying that even though I was able to download onto 2010 last month when it was running on Windows 7 that I cannot now download transactions manually now that it is running on Windows 8 on a Surface Pro?
    What volvogirl wrote holds true for .QFX files, but you asked about .QIF.

    Can you do a File->File Import->QIF ?

    Another name for Quicken Launcher is QW.EXE, have you tried associating it with .QIF files?

    By the way, other than this issue, how does it run on the Surface Pro?  Some users have asked, you are the first to actually report having installed Quicken (any version) on one.

    • I have tried using the File->FIle Import ->QIF but it will not import into a checking account.

      2010 loaded without error on the Surface and the only problem so far is adding new checking transactions.  It appears that all of the functions are in place and operating - except this one.  I am now trying to discover how to change the associating of the file so that QW.EXE will open it and see if it works.
    • See this thread on modifying .QIF files to import them:

      Is it slow or slugish?
    • I have not noticed any performance issues but then I have not subjected it to a lot of use.  I have a 256GB Surface which may accelerate performance a bit.  

      I am still working on the .qif file issue.  I have associated the QW.EXE with the file extension .qif and the result is the same. The header of the .qif file does not show the account name which may be the reason and I have not tried adding this info to the file yet.  It is unclear why this data is missing when it seem to be present from the bank (BofA) earlier this summer.

      Due to travel I will not be able to work on this until next week.  I will keep you appraised of my progress.
    • When was earlier this summer?  If that was before 4/30/2013, .QFX files would have still been working.  

      .QIF files directly from the FI never have the information that is added manually by the process described in the referenced thread because they don't know what you have named the accounts in your Quicken file.

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