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will Quicken 2007 work with OS X Mavericks ?

I want to upgrade my Mac to OS X Mavericks and want to know if it will support  my Quicken 2007 software?
  • I have just upgraded my Mac Air to MAVERICK and have found NO PROBLEMS ON MY MAC with my Quicken 2007.  BE CAUTIOUS THOUGH and try Quicken 2007 with Maverick on a trial run with another computer if you have two Macs.  Otherwise, I should note that I do not use downloads for banking transactions and brokerage transactions so I can't vouch for those Quicken 2007 functions.  Otherwise Quicken 2007 works smoothly!  It just priced all of my stock securities too!  I cannot live without this fabulous Intuit product and was crushed when Quicken 2007 failed during my transition to Lion.  Its now working like a charm with MAVERICK.
  • Thank you for taking time to respond to my question.  I'm glad your upgrade to Maverick went well. I am eager to do the same.  I would like to hear from some additional people who have had your successful experience before I make the switch.  I have learned to be a coward.  Quicken  2007 is an important program for me.  I would quickly buy an upgraded version if Intuit made a well thought-out program available.  However, after making an upgrade on the operating system of my MacBook Pro, the hours it takes to get Quicken back up and running is something I've experienced and don't wish to experience again.  Cordially, Chip
  • I also do not have any problems with Essentials on my iMac with Maverick installed. I also don't download transactions from my bank.  Everything works smoothly.  Agree with jjw2nd that Quicken is fabulous product. I live in South Africa and I don't know how many people use Quicken here as it is not available in our stores, a pity.
  • Thanks for your reply.  I use Quicken 2007.  I noticed that John from Intuit has said the transition to Maverick should work smoothly.  Thanks to his comment and others I'm getting ready to make the move.  Cordially, Chip (in Kansas City, USA)
  • I use Quicken 2007.  Now with Mavericks, I cannot import bank and credit card download files. If Quicken can access the account directly, no problem. But when I go on the internet, generate the file then try to import it, the file is not imported by Quicken. The file reader box comes up, but quickly goes away. Help?
  • Jstauch, that is a different issue than the original question. Please start a new thread for your issue.
Folks, I have an update that might be helpful. Prompted by the fact that Quicken 2007 (16.1.14) was problematic for me but was working ok for others I started to experiment and I now have it working!

For years I have launched Quicken by clicking on the data file that I want to work on (I have multiple files for different accounts). As I mentioned above when I did this after I upgraded to Mavericks Quicken dropped the cursor and would not let me re-select text on the record I was entering or on past records already entered.
When I experimented I found that if I launch the Quicken 2007 **application** on it's own it then launched the last data file I had opened and all of the features worked just fine.

In summary try launching Quicken from the app not the data file. That has worked for me. Dont know why but it has. Hope this helps
  • That didn't work for me, I'm having the same problem.  I found that the data entry problem only happens on my one account (checking) so i had to make a new checking account, enter things there.. then move to the old account.  Its a bad workaround but all i can figure out so far.   Let me know if you discover anything else!
  • spamavoider1: please start a new question and we can address your problems there.
2007 "Lion Compatible" 16.1.x works.

2007, the older, PowerPC one 16.0.x does not.

You can check the "About" menu item to see which version you are running
  • Should I update the Quicken to Lion compatible before upgrading to Mavericks.  I'm currently running OS 10.6.8 with Quicken 2007 for Mac 16.0.2-R3
  • I suggest you do, but it technically doesn't matter. The only reason I suggest it is, if for some unforeseen problem you cannot run LC, then you at least have access to your data using the old version. If it works (which it likely will), then you can upgrade to 10.9
  • 2007 "Lion Compatible" 16.1.2 does not work for me. I get an error message stating "Quicken is damaged and can't be opened.”

    I have not upgraded to version 16.1.4 while running OS 10.8 Mountain Lion because 16.1.2 was working fine. I don't believe that version 16.1.4 would make a difference based on the reasons given for the update. Besides, it's too late to update since it won't run on my system to update it.

    Any comments would be appreciated.
  • RalphQQ, your issue is explained in your message - the app installation is damaged. This happens when it's moved improperly. To resolve your issue, reinstall the app under your current User Login in Mac and then update to the latest release (16.1.4).
  • I opened Quicken 16.1.2 by using finder instead of my widget. But now the widget works too. All is well.
  • Im having the issue that barney229 is having.  I can't make entries properly and quicken is basically unusable now.  Im running the latest software 16.1.4 on the newest mavericks on the latest iMac.   Any suggestions? How do I find updates in case quicken resolves this with an update?  thank you!
I just bought the 2007 Lion version in order to use it on Mavericks, and so far it has worked for me and I haven't had issues with a missing cursor.  I don't doubt others are having trouble, but just wanted to mention it does work for some of us, so there's still hope...

I'd suggest trying a re-install if you upgraded on top of an older OS+Quicken installation, and trying to clear out prefs and so forth (i.e. full uninstall).  Perhaps some hold-over is causing the problem.  (In my case I happened to do a clean install of Mavericks and no migration, since I'm still just experimenting, and also did a clean install of Quicken 2007 Lion because my previous version was 2006 PPC under Snow Leopard.)
    I would say that Quicken 2007 for Lion is not compatible with mavericks.  I am having the same issue as Barney229 so it can't just be setup specific.  My feeling is that until Quicken makes a fully functional mac program the answer is no, quicken really does not work on a mac any more :(  The most current mac version is 2007 which was when mac users were on Leopard, many many OS's ago!
    • Spamavoider, the topic of this post is whether there is a version of Q2007 that runs on Maverick. Your issue is problems with running Q2007 on Maverick. I recommend you start a new post covering your issues running Q2007 on Maverick.
    I have Quicken  2007 (16.1.4) and I upgraded to Mavericks.
    Now Quicken does not work properly.
    It opens and displays files ok but when you enter data it does not allow you select text to make changes and it does not display the i-beam cursor as it goes from field to field so you cannot see where you are on screen. It's unusable in practice.
    Looks like I'll have to but Quicken Essentials. Only hope it works!!
    • barney: your issue is not a Mavericks compatibility issue, but something related to your specific setup. Nobody else is complaining (nor do I have) problems with cursors in 2007-LC.
    • John, thank you very much for your response. That's very helpful. I have no idea what could be have changed as I was using Quicken 2007 for years and the only thing I changed was the upgrade to Mavericks. But now that you have said it works fine for you I'll start to dig around and see if I can make any changes that might get Quicken back working. Thanks again.
    • Barney, I'm glad to have your response to my question and I'm pleased to see John's reply, as well.  I like Quicken 2007 and use it several times a day. I would quickly buy an upgraded version of Quicken 2007 if it were available.  Essentials is not it.   I can't afford to have Quicken 2007 messed up by changing to Mavericks.  I'm very cautious, but eager to upgrade my MacBook Pro to the new operating system.  I see no reason why John is not right.  He's the expert, but still, the hours and days it takes to undo a software glitch
      is so painful.  I'm moving slowly on the upgrade.
    • mine is doing the exact same thing.  I'm sure there are others with the same issue.  Any answers?

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