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Quicken Budget does not work in Quicken 2014 Premier R2

I have been told that there is a known issue with Quicken Premier 2014 BUDGET every time I try to open the budget it crashes quicken. Does anybody have a solution.  All the obvious things have been tried.
    " ... they released a faulty release with out fully testing it".

    That is faulty "reasoning".

    If developers waited until a product was bug free before they released it ... no product would ever get released.

    More testing and bug fixing, takes more time, which means later and later release. By the time some users would be satisfied, it would be past time to start working on the next version - causing the product to be permanently in testing phase.

    If you want to avoid the problems with the initial release(s), don't buy the product when it first comes out. Early adopters are not "beta testers", but they could be considered "charlie testers" ... it has always been so. Going back to the days before there was an Intuit  ... or a personal computer. In those conditions, "users" didn't have any choice about being early adopters, they were always early adopters - yet they, and the products, survived and usually thrived. Now users have a choice. Next time, do yourself a favor and take advantage of the choice.
    • When you sell a product it is expected that it be fault free and ready for prime time not being put out for testing.  Now if they gave it out for free then I would have no complaints.  Or if they put a statement that this product is not fully tested and you should think about waiting for a more stable release.  When you sell a product one expect it to work as advertised.  You also have a choice to put their feet to the fire and get these problems fix and with a timetable.   Also, the products should always be in a testing phase to keep up with the market.
    • To put it kindly: your expectations are out of line with reality. You can stick your head in the sand all you want: reality is still going to prevail.
    • When a corporation sell a product and represent itself as a professionally qualified expert within it field such as intuit is, and does.  There is an implied expectation that one is purchasing a defect free product that has been tried and tested.  One does not expect simple process to fail.  Nothing is perfect and errors free, but has expectations.  All products such as “QUICKEN” should always be in testing mode challenging its validity.  
      Your insinuating, that knowingly intuit is presenting to the general public and in your words “Charlie Testers”  an incomplete and possible inferior product is insulting.  
      Next time do yourself a favor and demand products presented to you be as represented and defect free.   Don’t expect or accept faulty products as the norm, be more demanding and have more respect for yourself than in your words a “Charlie Tester”.  Yes, errors do happen, BUT when you pay good money for a product your expectations and standards should be higher.  I am not looking for nor expecting a reply.
    • You wouldn't be working on Obama Care would you NoWayJose?  You have no credibility with me when you suggest that we should be willing to accept defective software.  I can understand Intuit releasing software with bugs that they didn't know about, but not known bugs.  Some of the bugs I have seen come out of Intuit were way too easy to find if they were really looking.  Maybe if Intuit didn't try to make Quicken look so new and powerful with each release by changing stuff that didn't need to be changed, they would have fewer bugs.  I am not just a Quicken user, I am also a highly experienced software developer so SuperUser status doesn't mean much to me.

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