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Setting up new HSBC account - fails

Greetings, I've read through all the notes about HSBC of recent times and am still having trouble setting up an account for HSBC direct.

I enter my username/pw and am then prompted for a security key

I enter my security key, and am then told Oops, there is a connection problem Error cc-502
Quicken cant add this account because the HSBC Bank USA website is temporarily unavailable
Please try again in a few hours.

I can log in fine with these creds on the actual website.  Is there any hope of getting this to work?  I will consider a bank move if I have to but would prefer to exhaust my options first.
    HSBC changed it's login page and credentials on roughly 10/15/2013, thus breaking the Quicken connection.  Quicken will need to update the software to address this change.  From past experience this can take anywhere from a week to a few months.  I've already submitted a ticket but perhaps they will give it more priority if more tickets are opened.  This info applies to Quicken 2013, but assume they update the banking links in 2012 still.

    • " ... perhaps they will give it more priority if more tickets are opened".

      No, they won't. Intuit will not make any such change until/unless the financial institution tells them to do so (Intuit may ask the fi; but the fi must authorize the change). If you want to submit any more "tickets", submit them to your financial institution.
    • thank you for your curt response, I'm just trying to help the guy out.  All of us HSBC users are down now for 2 weeks and this occurs every so often. HSBC could care less so am trying Quicken support.
    You may have read this before, but to make sure, here is the faq for error CC-502.

    Take special note of the sentence in that faq that says:

    "If you received this message while trying to setup Express Web Connect, try this article."

    and click on the blue link in the faq, and read the second faq that is presented.
    • I believe this is an issue specific to HSBC which has recently disabled direct connect as well as manual downloading of .QFX files.
    • If true, that would leave you with ... "Express Web Connect": see previous post.
    • From the instructions I've read EWC seems to be something I can't choose to setup myself specifically.  I've followed the instructions for EWC which to me seem identical to setting up an account for  Direct Connect.  From what I've read, HSBC should work with EWC still but these were people that already had HSBC set up and then it stopped working when HSBC disabled it.  For me, I'm trying to set up from scratch.
    • I see the article on enabling EWC on an already set up account:
      when i click SET UP NOW on a new account, I don't have any options, I just go through the process I mentioned above and get the 502 error.
    • I don't think you followed the instructions in my original post.
    • From:
      Depending on the services supported by your bank, Quicken chooses the best available method to update transactions and balances.  Quicken will always start with Direct Connect if your bank supports it.
      I've tried to RTFM and figure this out before posting here.  Spent a great deal of time at it in fact.  If there is a way to force a new setup to use EWC, I have not found it.  It seems to default to Direct Connect first and as HSBC did support this, Quicken seems to assume it will work and does not move on to trying EWC when Direct Connect fails (this is supposition on my part, I've looked through the logs and can't tell one way or another what methodology it's trying to use)
    • 20131021 16:30:32: Starting Connection ------------------------------------------
      20131021 16:30:32: Initiate Complete   ---- [Authenticating with server]
      20131021 16:30:33: Translating Error Codes  [Authenticating with server]: gSOAP/CCC/WININET : [0] --TO--> IC Error: [0]
      20131021 16:30:33: CC Request Complete ---- [Authenticating with server]: Status/Error Code : 0
      20131021 16:30:33: Starting Connection ------------------------------------------
      20131021 16:30:33: Initiate Complete   ---- [Getting financial institution information]
      20131021 16:30:33: Translating Error Codes  [Getting financial institution information]: gSOAP/CCC/WININET : [0] --TO--> IC Error: [0]
      20131021 16:30:37: CC Request Complete ---- [Getting financial institution information]: Status/Error Code : 0
      20131021 16:30:37: Starting Connection ------------------------------------------
      20131021 16:30:37: Initiate Complete   ---- [Getting account information for HSBC Direct]
      20131021 16:30:40: Translating Error Codes  [Getting account information for HSBC Direct]: gSOAP/CCC/WININET : [0] --TO--> IC Error: [0]
      20131021 16:30:40: *** Status code not 'ok' ***
      20131021 16:30:40: CC Request Complete ---- [Getting account information for HSBC Direct]: Status/Error Code : 0
      20131021 16:30:40: Starting Connection ------------------------------------------
      20131021 16:30:40: Initiate Complete   ---- [CCLogoutRequest]
      20131021 16:30:40: Translating Error Codes  [CCLogoutRequest]: gSOAP/CCC/WININET : [0] --TO--> IC Error: [0]
      20131021 16:30:40: CC Request Complete ---- [CCLogoutRequest]: Status/Error Code : 0
      20131021 16:30:40: Mapping Error Codes ---- [Getting account information for HSBC Direct]: IC error : 0, EBStatus: 0
    Might I suggest that you contact Intuit Customer Support at: Quicken Customer Support

    Answer the four drop down questions and then select you preferred method of contact among those listed lower on the webpage.

    Support of online banking (downloading) of supported version of Quicken (on 10/21/2013, Quicken 2012 is one of them) is free, so do NOT purchase a support ticket.  

    Any one that tries to charge you for this is not Intuit based, but a third party vendor trying to look like Intuit.

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