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2014 premier crash

2014 crashes every time when clicking on any of my funds/stocks in Investments view.  Error box shows not a Quicken error but a 'Windows needs to close' error.  Install was fine & so far everything else is fine.  Cannot get past the Investment crash.  Help appreciated.

    Ditto-Wondering if it has something to do with the windows 8 upgrade? Did you update?

    Regardless-we need an answer or I will be looking into the 60 day money back guarantee....sooner than later

    • I have Windows 7, so the problem appears to be more general.  Lucky you.  I bought from Amazon.  Cheaper, but no refund available.
    • FYI-I seemed to have removed the error by reinstalling a former backup (ugh from July) and updated to the latest patch. The combination has so far has removed the error...fingers crossed. Now if I could only remember my password to delete old credit card accounts...I guess one issue at a time...ha
      Good luck
    • Intuit offers the 60-day money back guarantee, regardless of where you made your purchase. See Electronically Delivered Products section of
    • First and most important, thank you for your helpful replies.  As a long-time Quicken user, I had tried the many proposed solutions suggested on Quicken Community, including multiple One-Step Updates, reinstalls, reboots, validates, Net 4 repair, etc.  I have been working on this non-stop without success since downloading and installing Q2014 only about eight hours ago.   Quicken Tamara, the Mondo Patch seems to have fixed my problems, and I thank you for the link to that.  I am compelled to say "seems" because it is difficult to have confidence that all will continue to go well given the very buggy start, which I also experienced with Q2013.  In any event, OK for the moment, and I hope that I will have no cause to trouble you further.  Thanks again.
    • well I am back issue has returned.....time to keep searching
    • I'm sorry to hear that.  The Mondo Patch has corrected my major crash problem for now, although other issues remain (e.g., dead calculator in Investments view, a known issue even in R2).

      However, as I reported to Sr. Analyst Quicken Tamara, I continue to have only shaky confidence in Quicken's overall stability and, importantly, its accuracy in calculating investment returns.  Perhaps R3 will come soon and resolve at least some of the problems we are experiencing.

      Quicken was (and still has the potential again to be) a great financial management tool, so I intend to stick with it so long as the folks at Quicken show that (finally) they are listening and trying to respond to our constructive efforts to improve the program.

      My opinion:  The pressure to rush into traditional yearly updates leads to a buggy early release, then a scramble for corrections, and, inevitably, customer dissatisfaction.  While the annual financial imperatives are understandable, why not slow down a bit to regain the loyalty of longtime users and the trust of new ones?  Just my thought.

      In any event, I wish you good luck as well in finding a solution to your problems with Q 2014.
    • I upgraded from QW11 and I truly regret it.  Spent hours with technical support and got the mondo update ( which did not help.  If I get anywhere near my credit card accounts (post transaction, reconcile, download transaction) it crashes.  Worst version of QW ever.  I have been using this product since 1990 and this reelase is pure garbage.

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