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2014 Mobile not able to add picture with ios 7

Interesting new issue with the "amazing" new Quicken 2014 for windows (sarcasm intended.)

When I click to take a photo of the receipt, the app freezes in the picture screen. Clicking "retake" or "Use" does nothing. I need to exit, close and restart the app to make it work. When that is done the mobile app loses the picture I took.

Most of us upgraded to 2014 from 2013 for the mobile receipt attachment feature as almost everything else is the same. After crashing for a week in converting my 2013 data file, I now have the mobile app which is useless.

If anyone has any ideas, let me know - as for Intuit, already know what you need to do.
  • I see some traffic on the Beta site that this is being worked on or at least being reported. So stand by for a fix.  Just make sure you have the latest version downloaded and installed on your phone from the app store.  That cured the problem for a few testers.
  • Have you been able to attach an existing image rather than using the camera inside the app? I'm curious if once you get an image attached whether or not it saves the image at the same size and quality or if it resizes the image into a smaller version. In Android, it resizes my images of full page receipts and invoices, making them useless when they sync back to the desktop version.
  • I was able to get it to work on ios 7 with an ipad mini. I had to click slightly above the "use photo" button. I was able to repeat the issue multiple times, and clicking toward the top of the button got it to work, oddly clicking on the button didn't work. Hopefully they fix it soon. Meanwhile, the Android app downsizes the photos, but I found that the ios app leaves them at full size.
  • I should also add that some people have found that it will freeze at the picture taking stage until you completely power down and restart your device. After restarting, they were able to attach stored images and use the camera.
Same problem here.  And, I upgraded for the same reason... to get this functionality.  

I have noticed that it works fine if you take the photo first, just as you would take any photo, and so that's now on the phone... next, create your transaction in Quicken and instead of "take photo" hit "choose photo from library," and select the photo you just took.  Not to say this won't crash eventually... but so far so good.  

Hope this helps.

And yes, Intuit -- please fix this ASAP.  It was the entire selling case you made for the software upgrade.
    Same problem. Workaround is also using existing photo. Please fix it.

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