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I too had a problem for the last couple of weeks downloading  transactions.  It is working now but it skipped a bunch of transactions.  The question I have is whether I can go to my Vanguard account and download from there to my Quicken file?  Or do I just have to put in all of the missing info. manually?
    according to the so-called Quicken Support page: Vanguard is aware of this issue and is working to resolve it. They have advised they will notify us as soon as their resolution has been implemented. If you would like to receive email notification from Quicken when we get the final solution response from Vanguard, please click here to provide your contact information.
      I have not yet decided to move but I am certainly considering it.  I too have been in IT for more than 40 years and have experienced many problems like this. From my experience they are almost always the result of poor change control. Vanguard has supported Quicken Direct Connect for many years and nothing on the Quicken side has apparently changed since all my other accounts work just fine. That means that Vanguard changed something in their core systems and did not consider or apparently even test the interactions with other applications. It has now been 30 days since the first failure and one could reasonably expect to have the changes causing the failure to be rolled back if they had good change control procedures. That this has not happened yet says a lot about the quality of the Vanguard IT organizations planning and execution capability. Since IT is at the heart of any financial services organization this should certainly make one nervous. Low cost financial services are a good thing but it seems Vanguard has taken this to an extreme. If the failures are caused by upgrades to the existing systems it is not obvious to me. The web site is built on steam engine era technology and we are in a bullet train era. I am very disappointed in Vanguard.  
      • "It has now been 30 days since the first failure and one could reasonably expect to have the changes causing the failure to be rolled back if they had good change control procedures. That this has not happened yet says a lot about the quality of the Vanguard ..."

        Actually personally I think it has a lot more to say about how big the Quicken customer base really is.

        Quicken users tend to believe they are this huge group of customers that financial institutions should respond to in a moments notice or they will loose all kinds of business.  In truth Quicken users tend to be a tiny amount of most financial institution's customer base.

        You say they should roll back their released software because of Quicken, which completely discounts the features that they rolled out to all their customers.  To satisfy the Quicken need means believing that it is more important then all the time and planning to bring out the other features.
      • And for the record not even all Quicken customers have been affected "equally".  I experienced about a week of errors reported, after that I have not had any problems, but mind you that I'm not a heavy trader so the lack of errors doesn't mean that if I had transactions they would have downloaded (last transactions I had were on 10/8/2013).

        And frankly for the low volume of transactions I have I could go the the Vanguard website and download the QFX file.  I already do that for Interactive Brokers, which doesn't even try to provide more then that, because it just isn't worth it to them.
      • Quicken customers have not been affected "equally"?

           I was using quicken 2011 and in an effort to solve the download trouble I to upgraded to 2014……..
        I Still cannot download using one step update nor can I manually download from the site with 2014

        I am not a high volume trader.........normally one or two a month. However, once or twice a year I may do 8 trades in month

        I am sure they will work though it..........and myself and brokerage account will be gone
      • No...... I do NOT agree that Quicken user are the center of the world and need a respond to in a moment’s notice.
         However, I do wish for a truthful answer......and after more than 30 days.....all I get is we are working on it.......
        I have much better answer from folk here than Vanguard gave me.......if they would have explained more, I would have been a happy camper........but now  I am all wet and they tell me its raining and I think someone is pissing on me
      • P.  I agree that Vanguard could have handled communicating the problem to you better, no doubt.

        And the above wasn't directed at you, it was about Dar's concept that because a Quicken user is having a problem then Vanguard should roll back all changes they made to get them back to a state where it works for these Quicken customers.

        And as I have said above, I can now see that in fact part of the problem is that in fact this isn't even affecting the Quicken users equally.  As in I have in fact not had a problem with my accounts outside of the one week they had a problem, and late at night when it is clear they are doing some kind of maintenance.

      I have given up after ...... phone calls, e-mails, broken promises, I have after a month decided no longer to be a fool.  I have started moving my accounts away from Vanguard  .  My new site has always worked smoothly...bye bye Vanguard money spends well everywhere

      • I sympathize with you. I made several phone calls and received many apologies but no fix. However, the value of the low-cost index funds available at Vanguard are worth more to me than having Quicken work so I will stay put.
      • I do agree with you!!!!!!
        I am planning on leaving the funds in place these are long time investment
        I am moving my brokerage accounts.......
        The transaction cost is about a buck more……and is worth it for the timely info and added conveniences of offering trailing stop/loss by percentage
      • Smart move. I keep my brokerage accounts at Fidelity. Much better support but not as low cost as Vanguard. Have the best of both worlds !
      • That is where I moved it
        For all reasons  you stated.  Thanks
      • Personally I have accounts with Vanguard, Fidelity, and Interactive Brokers (which BTW only supports Quicken with Web Connect, as in I download a QFX file).  And even though I really like the Quicken integration, I'm at each of these for a certain security(s) or service or cost, that they provide and it far out weighs Quicken integration, since this is about my investing for my retirement, it is worth even manual entry to get what I'm looking for.

        And BTW Vanguard has been one of the best financial institutions supporting Quicken.  OK some people have made some mistakes when they changed things (which BTW was done to provide better services), but I have faith in them that they will figure it out.
      • I have accounts Vanguard, Fidelity, an on line broker.....for various reason similar to yours.
        However, this THING with Quicken and Vanguard has been going way too long
        . I would deal with, if they were up front with info and an estimated time line.
        Seems all I was getting for the last month is we are looking at it/working on it/we are aware of it, last time contacted Vanguard I asked for an estimated time line and got everything but a time line.

         The truth be told I believe Fidelity has a better brokerage service so…. bye Vanguard
        I am leaving all my funds there, for there is little or no active in those accounts so it is easy to manually enter yearly if needed

        Bottom line I am moving due to a lack of info, that was the straw that broke the Camel’s back
      • This is of course a very personal decision and I'm not going to say you shouldn't do this or that, but I will point out something, and that is in fact people tend to forget how the real world works.

        I have been developing software for over 35 years and I don't know how many times someone has come to me and asked me how long it is going to take to fix this or that.  In general my answer is it will take what it takes.  Needless to say this doesn't sit well with supervisors or as you have pointed out customers.  But it is the truth, instead of some off the wall guess, which people will be angry with when it doesn't come true.  I have no idea how long anything, but a trivial problem is going to take to fix upfront for the simple fact I have no idea what the problem is.  That is like saying yeah I can do that in a day and then find out to fix the problem I have to rewrite a million lines of code.  And after a figure out what the problem is I still have to formulate how to fix it, and I have to code and test it.

        If you do something a thousand times you know pretty darn well how long it will take.  But when you do something new like roll out new software or a new process or run into a problem you have never encountered before then any estimate is frankly a wild guess most of the time.

        If you look at Intuit's policy they are in general very tight lipped about when XX is coming out, (both for bug fixes and for features).  People here time and time again say they hate this.  But it is pretty clear that Intuit has learned that if they tell people when things are "suppose" to come out and they don't for whatever reason, they have people that are angry at them for "broken promises", and some even think they should sue for that.

        I look at the problems a Vanguard and I see:
        1) They roll out new software to make their customer's life better.  Unexpectedly it breaks the Quicken integration.
        2) They go to fix it, they start looking for the problem, that takes some time, think they have found the problem, and put out new software.  At the same time they try to keep angry customers appeased by giving their best estimates on this and that part of this process.
        3) They roll out the fix, it works for some people and not for others.  Clearly the whole problem is not understood.  Now the customers hit them again, with when, and add to that "you said".  Vanguard is getting smarter they have recently been burnt.  They don't say "It will be fixed tomorrow", they do not give out ETAs.
        4) They step back spend more time on it, and hopefully fix the problem.
      • First let me say an answer similar to yours would have made me very happy!  

        For almost 4weeks I did not get answer half as good as you explained.
         I can accept a truthful answer such as yours, that all I asked for an upfront straight answer.
        Not a political correct answer the where trying to sell me on

        My brokerage account is in process of being moved. The funds will stay
        Thanks for taking the time to enlighten me.

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