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Why doesn't Quicken Essential auto update scheduled transactions to register when date approaches?

Why doesn't Scheduled Transactions automatically update the register?  
I purchased Quicken Essential because I just bought a Mac computer. Im finding that I really miss my Quickens for Windows. With this Quicken Essential when scheduling future transactions, when that date approaches the transaction should automatically update that specific account on the the Quickens for Windows does. I do not have Quicken Essential tied into the bank on-line, I use the program as my register only. Unless it does update the accounts and I'm doing it wrong. If so, please let me know. I used Quickens for Windows for years and always scheduled future transactions and I never had to worry about my checking or savings balance because it auto. adjusted the account for me when the transaction date approached. Now I find that I have to manually update the account. I have to check the scheduled transaction and see what is due and then update the register in that specific account. I guess I don't understand what this is used for. Maybe I'm using it for the wrong reason. Help, it is a nuisance to have to manually do these automatically monthly payments and deposits. Also when scheduling, you should also be able to specify a certain day of the month when something is due. Example, the second Tuesday of each month, like Quicken for Windows allows when you set up your scheduled payment or deposit. Thank you, Jeanne

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