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Unable to create the destination file message

I have started to receive this message.  The backup is being put on a cruzer USB drive connected directly to my computer.  There is more than enough room for the backup,  14 gig free on the drive.  I was able to backup the file last week.  The only changes to quicken have been updating accounts.  The Quicken file in question is about 54 meg.

I have another smaller quicken file that I use to track 2 accounts for another family member.  I can succesfully backup that file to the same destination so there is not an issue with permissions or connection.  The backup drive is the same drive that the Quicken file is on.  I then copy the backup directory to 3 other removable drives to have backups in seperate locations.

The file that succesfully backs up has about 20 characters with a hyphen.  The file I am having problems with is about 9 characters.  

I have Quicken 2011, on Windows Home Vista 64 bit service pack 2.
  • The only thing I could guess is that there's a problem with the shorter file name translating into a "DOS-8.3-style" file name that is alredy in use on the cruzer drive, perhaps by the file with your long name. Or perhaps there's a file system error on your cruzer drive ... try a chkdsk.
    Can you rename your 9-char. filename to 7 or 8 characters without spaces or special characters and then try the backup again?
    Another thing: The live Quicken data file should be on your internal harddisk, not on a USB or networked drive. Backups are best kept in different folders from the live data file and even better, on external drives ... just in case the harddisk decides to quit.
Just finished chatting with support. I had checked and the backup file was (partially) created. It was there but the size was not correct. In addition a restore from the file would fail on invalid backup file.

The tech had me first create a test file to try backup with. The backup worked on the test file. This indicated it was not a Quicken software issue but probably an issue with the Quicken file in question. Also in my case I had another file that held unrelated accounts. That file backed up ok.

He then had me, on the menu, go to file-file operations-validate file. Then choose validate file. The validation found several errors. It created a log that I will need to review. After it was done, the backup worked.  I did a restore from the backup to ensure that the backup file was correct, the recover appeared to work and the result looked good.  

I will now be making it a habit to validate my files regularly.

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