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Quicken 2014 - The budget reports are not showing actuals...just $0 Need a fix.

Report Issue:  Reports > Spending Reports > Budget Reports. 

The actual amount is not showing up in the report.  The actual amount is showing $0.00. 

It does allow me to click into the actual amount ($0.00) and will show the true amounts when I'm in the specific category. 

It should show the actual amount on the main budget report.

Need a fix.
  • Mine work fine.  Are these customized reports that you created in a previous version of Quicken?  If so, what happens if you run the budget reports from the planning tab?
  • It does not work for any of the budget reports regardless if it is a customized budget report or from their planning tab.  I've been using Quicken and update each year since 2004 and have not had this issue before.  Thanks for your comment.
  • If you run a Category Report for this month only, do you see amounts in the same Categories on that report that show $0 on the Budget report? Use Reports > Spending > Income & Expense by Category > Interval = Monthly > Period = Current Month for the comparison.

    EDIT: Your screenshot (attached above) doesn't show the Month column of the Budget Report, so I only assume you're talking about the current month. You may very well be looking at a future month, but it's not displayed for us to confirm.
  • Your suggestion works for the Income & Expense by Category report, but I'm trying to run a budget report.  

    The screenshot was for last month.  I've tested it for MTD, YTD, last month, 2010-2011.  It doesn't matter, the report is not showing the actual amounts in the budget report.

    Are you able to see actual amounts in the budget report in Quicken Premier 2014?  

    I've included extra attachments.
  • I am using Quicken Premier 2014 and I see actual amounts in all budget reports.  

    If you click on customize, go to the accounts tab.  What accounts are selected? If I clear all accounts I get a report that looks like yours - all of the budgets but zero actuals.
  • Thanks for the response...all my accounts are selected, but I'm still not seeing the actual amounts in the report.  I do see the actuals when I download to excel or click into the report to a specific category, but just not from the main budget report.
  • I've been using standard and customized budget reports in quicken for years with quicken 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.  I downloaded 2014 today and this is the first time I'm encountering this issue.
  • This is odd.  I went to the planning budget area then went to budget actions, budget reports then to current budget report and the actual amounts show up.  They are also showing up in the other area.  I didn't change any settings, but it is showing up now.  Hopefully it will show up when I log back on in the morning.  Thanks for everyone's help...seems to be fixed for now.
  • Telling us how long you've been using Quicken isn't going to help at all.

    Right now, you're in a class of one. I have no trouble seeing actual amounts in Q2014 budget reports; and I haven't heard of anyone else who has either.

    You need to concentrate on looking for anything that might have changed in your environment - whether by your intentions or otherwise. If no one else can reproduce your problem, your chances of getting it fixed, or finding a workaround, are very slim.

    One more thing you can try: create a new Quicken file. Setup one checking account with a couple of transactions. Create a simple budget that includes categories in your test checking account. Run a budget report.

    Also make sure you are on Q2014 release R2 (see Help > About Quicken).
  • I am having a similar problem, but only with some categories.   They show an actual of zero, but as in your case if you click on the zero, it does show the underlying amounts.  In my case the categories that are showing zero actuals are "transfers" from other accounts.  I do not have the option to "not include savings transfers" set in my preferences.   I also tried going to the Current Report in the Planning Tab for Budgets.   That report does show the current actual amounts.   However, if you customize that report in the Advanced Tab to show "Non-Zero actual/budgeted" the amount goes to zero again.  This customization should allow you to pick up expenses in categories which you did not budget which is what I want to do.  But for some reason it is zeroing out these not zero amounts.   I just upgraded from Quicken 2012 to Quicken 2014.   I am on release 2.
  • I was having the exact same problem as OP.  Thanks to bmciance on the suggestion of going to the Planning tab.  When i went there everything was working.  I went back to the EasyAnswer reports and all the data was there.  So, most likely a minor bug that just needs a kick in the rear end to show up correctly.  

    thegolfdude777 is not crazy.  It was an odd behavior and I was able to replicate the same issue
  • I guess I was not clear in my original post.  I did go the planning tab and yes, with that report the actuals show up.  However that is with the default customization of show "budgeted only".  If I change the customization to show "Non-Zero actual/budgeted" the amount goes back to zero.  I wish to show all my actuals even if did not budget for that category as this customization would indicate.   

    I have also noticed that the totals still reflect the correct actuals, it is just the line items that show the incorrect zero amounts.

    I also tried with a newly created Quicken file where I just put in a few test accounts, budget items and transactions.  The same thing happens when the customization of "Non-Zero actual/budgeted" is selected.   Seems like there is a bug with this function.   I was going to try to attach a screen shot of that, but I do not see how to do that in a reply.   I will also try to create a new topic on this specific issue and put the screen shot there if I can.
  • Does Budget for 2014 still only do month by month or can we once again create a year long budget?
  • Same problem, so I played around with the report like suggested above and got most of my categories to show actual amounts. Two categories are still not updating, though...
  • I was having same proglem. No actualls showing. Did what thegolfdude777 suggested by going to PLannning -> Budgets then Budget Actions -> Budget Reports -> Current Budgets. Run Report for each budger report you have then go back to your standard or customized budet reports and actual show up.
  • I just installed q14 h&b and having this issue too.  Neither reboot nor the method through the planning tab below fixes it.  A field at the top of the report called " budget year" is stuck at 2014 and the drop down provides no other options.  I think this is causing the problem because it is looking for 2014 transactions.  When I run Los saved reports created in q13 or earlier the budget year field  has a "1" in it
  • pnadeau207 your question is off topic, please ask your own question in these cases, but the short answer is yes Quicken 2014 has a way to set a category budget number based on a yearly amount.
  • Question is not off topic - the budget year field stuck on 2014 was causing the 0's for the actuals as I posted an answer that fixed the problem below.  Copying to a new budget fixed it.
  • "Question is not off topic ...".

    The "off topic" comment was not directed to you. The poster it was clearly directed to, was asking an off topic question.
  • You spend a lot of time on this site it seems and add no value.  I just came here to get some problems solved because I just upgraded quicken and had some issues.
  • And scotthelton_1  you are adding no value and you can't read the fact that I said "pnadeau207 your question..."

    And now since this conversation is going no where, I'm closing it.
I was having same proglem however restart did not fix. I just went to PLannning -> Budgets then Budget Actions -> Budget Reports -> Current Budgets. Run Report for each budger report you have then go back to your standard or customized budet reports and actuals show up.
  • I had this exact experience and this solution worked fine, the restart did not.  Thanks to "acristo" ... you saved me a lot of time!!
  • Thanks. This corrected the missing actuals for me as well.
  • Neither restart nor the method above fixed mine.  There is a field called budget year that is set to 2014 and when I drop down doesn't allow any other values.  I have a feeling this is what is bringing the zeroes in
My symptoms were 1) the 0's for the actuals, and 2) the budget year drop down at the top of the report was limited to "2014" only.  I remember at one point (using Q H&B13) I had extended this budget, named "budget13" to 2014 in the planning view - maybe this had something to do with the 2014 in the budget year drop down.  Anyhow, the 2014 was limiting the report to looking for 2014 transactions only and none exist yet and current or previous year values were not available in this drop down.

In the budget actions in the planning view I made a copy of the budget called "budget13_2" and that budget works normally in the budget reports (both the ones I had save from before and the standard reports)

It also resolved the other issue I reported today where the budget would not sync to the cloud.  I will make this same posting there.

Hope this helps someone.
    A restart on my PC fixed the problem.

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