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Upgrade to Quicken Mobile 2014 Crashed - How to Reset it?

When I installed Quicken 2014 Deluxe, Quicken asked me to upgrade the Cloud data.  Quicken told me to sign in with my Quicken 2013 Cloud ID and Quicken 2013 Cloud password.  During the conversion, the Quicken crashed midway through and closed.

Now, when I try to upgrade the Cloud data, Quicken asks me for my Quicken 2013 Clould Password.  Quicken says that I entered the wrong password.  See attachment, "Screenshot 1 - Incorrect Password".

I then hit "Forgot your 2013 password?".  When I do, Quicken prompts me for my zip code and then tells me that Quicken will email me to my correct email address.  Quicken is supposed to email me with an "Access code".  However, no email is forthcoming.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
    You need help from the Intuit Customer Support group for this issue:

    Quicken Customer Support

    We are just users here in the forum and don't have access to any of that sort of stuff.
    • My 2014 keeps crashing randomly. A support person took over my computer for two hours today and was unable to fix it.  Thinking about trashing and trying different program. Any suggestions as to which one?
    • @jtr01  This thread is about crashes with the QMobile app, not the desktop software.  If you want help with that, start a new question, but don't hijack this one.

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