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Can't buy Quicken 2014 on

You can download it from, but I don't see where you can buy Quicken 2014 on What am I missing here?
    It's understandable that the 2014 versions won't be released until the 7th due to an agreement with your partners. The problem is the Quicken site is misleading since it makes no mention that 2014 versions have been released and are available through those other channels. I think you'll find that most customers would rather pay a few dollars more for the new version than buy the year old 2013 version which will no longer be supported due to the release of the 2014 versions. Setting yourself up for lots of returns and customer dissatisfaction.
    • ESPECIALLY since the 2013 version is such crap.
    • Personally, I think Q2013 is better than Q2014.
    • So you think version 2014 is going to have more than the 12 or 13 updates that version 2013 had? Or are you saying that, regardless of how well version 2014 functions, the features in 2013 are better? I'm interested in your thoughts on the matter. Thanks.
    • There are some intentional changes in Quicken 2014 that some users don't like.  I think you will find that Quicken 2014  is more stable than Quicken 2013 at this same time last year.  I'd say that 10 of the 12 Quicken 2013 patches were due solely to QMobile and it doesn't appear that it will cause the problems it did last year in its "fresh-out-of-the-box" version.
    • I also think Q2013 is better than Q2014....   My opinion Quicken 2014 is a mess..  Mess during beta testing and still a mess..
    • I am the "black sheep" of the Beta Testing family but to me as to Q13 or Q14, in the words of the immortal Rhett Butler, "frankly, my dear, I don't give a 'damn'.    I am using Q14 because I don't use mobile and Q14 does fix most of my minor issues and the significant issues to me are the same in both versions but I could use Q13 just as well.  Things like Q opening in full screen or in last saved mode just appear to be little "knit picking" issues to me.
    • To add:  I have generally updated every year since the dos days and have found each version to provide satisfactory performance and information in an easy manner that enables me to maintain good records and control of my finances (Q12  being an exception.)

      BTW, we have really gotten off the subject of the original post.

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