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Alternative to using Microsoft Skydrive to share a single Quicken data file among two users?

My spouse and I have separate laptops, each with an installation of Quicken 2014.  We share one data file between the two of us.  I may use Quicken one time and then my spouse may use it another time.  We used to transfer the latest Quicken data file between us via USB, replacing the existing data file with latest file.  We knew which one of us had the latest Quicken data file, and the other person did not use/update Quicken during this time.

We recently started using Microsoft SkyDrive to transfer the data file.  When one of us finishes using Quicken and exits the application,  the Quicken data file is manually copied into the SkyDrive folder.  Thus SkyDrive always has the latest version of the data file.  Before we use Quicken, we manually copy the data file from the SkyDrive directory and replace the data file in our Quicken working directory.  (I tried having only one data file in the SkyDrive folder, but because Quicken is continuously updating the data file, SkyDrive was recognizing this as change and creating multiple copies.)

Using SkyDrive requires discipline such as copying the Quicken data file into Quicken data directory prior to using Quicken and replacing the data file in the SkyDrive ffolder after exiting Quicken.  We also notify each other before using Quicken to maintain “synchronization.”

I am aware Quicken was not designed as a multi-user application.  SkyDrive serves our needs; however, I am seeking advice if there is a more efficient or elegant solution to share a single Quicken data file among two Quicken users.
    I keep my file in dropbox and use the same data file across three different computers.  Like you said, you need to ensure you have only one copy of your data file open at a time. The file is replicated amongst all the computers in under 10 seconds and my data file hovers around 100MB's in size.  I don't use intuits online backup options because dropbox keeps every version of your file for 30 days so I have about 100 backups of my file(in addition to long term backups elsewhere) available at any given time, which makes intuit's backups null and void.  Dropbox manages all the versions on it's website so you will only see one copy of your quicken file on your computer.  If you want to see an older version then you goto the website and right click the file and it will show you all the versions from the last 30 days.  I have had my file in dropbox for almost 2 years and never had a problem with data corruption or anything else.  You can use the following link to create a dropbox account:   * full disclosure, using the previous link will give me a referral credit, if you would rather not do that then you can goto the regular link: 

    Hope this helps,
    • In my opinion, Dropbox is a very good option for shared offsite storage and local access in the situation you describe.  BTW, on both Windows and Mac, dropbox has an icon that is displayed on the desktop which will let you see if your local image of the dropbox folder is up-to-date or not.  If you have no internet connection, you both still have that machine's latest copy of the file.  As long as you are careful to avoid simultaneous access and be sure check that the transfers to/from dropbox have completed in the background, I believe you should be fine.  
      An alternative: Many consumer-based wifi routers now allow you to attach a USB-based disk drive to the router to create a file system that can be shared between computers in your home network.  It would not be exposed on the Internet.  I know that you do not fee this way but if you had security concerns about storing sensitive financial info in the cloud, that would be another way to share the data between computers.  This still does not protect against the problems that could be caused by simultaneous use.
    • glad you found a solution.

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