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quicken 2014 - several issues

I've been using this for about 4 hours, and have the following problems:

- US Bank; it keeps asking me for the security question, I have provided it (correctly) 3 times. I did not have that issue in Quicken 2011
- Incredibly slow screen updates. Quicken has always been terribly slow, but this version is the worst I've ever seen, particularly the budget screen. I am runnign Windows 7, have 8GB of RAM a quad core i7 @ 2.66ghz and a dedicated nVidia graphics GPU with 512MB of RAM, so this computer is no slouch. It scores 6.9 on the Windows performance index
- All of my previously saved reports crash Quicken immediately. I have more then 20 reports I now need to set up
- You can access all accounts and information without the vault password, just by hitting cancel.
- During setup, it prompted me to cancel most of my recurring payments, and replace them with exactly the same amount. I assume this is a rounding issue as it recalculates payments
- Debt reduction screen does not allow you to set a target date, only a target amount
- Savings goals do not allow you to set a target amount monthly, only a target date (listing  those two together is amusing, don't you think?)
- Reassigning categories or payees is very slow. I updated 6 payees from AT&T MOBILITY to AT&T, and it took 10 minutes. In Quicken 2011, this would have taken 2 or 3 seconds

Not a great start, although I admit that buying software on day 1 is always going to be a risk, even if it did cost me $114 including tax.
  • I'm curious what version do you have?  Help -> About Quicken
  • Not sure what you mean by 'version' - it's Quicken 2014 Premier, as stated in the title. If you mean release version, it's R1:
  • Yes and there will be an update available soon to bring you up to Release R2, hopefully that will resolve many of your issues.
  • Sorry.  Release is the term (old habits of a programer calling it a version. :-), which is more of an internal term for basically the same thing )
  • The redraw issue has been there for a while and seems to get worse with every version. I think Intuit are using some ancient direct draw API for compatibility but it does nothing for performance on new machines or the latest versions of Windows.
  • Actually just the opposite, in recent years Intuit starting utilizing the .NET Framework with Quicken, in 2014 they upgraded from 2.0 to 4.0, which resulted in these redrawing issues.  Hopefully this is something they can improve with additional work.
  • Launch your budget screen, and scroll up and down. Tell me it's not like using a 15 year old computer.
  • I see no performance issues with Q2014 RPM R1. I scrolled the budget screen and noticed no problem. Win7 64 bit.
  • "Launch your budget screen, and scroll up and down. Tell me it's not like using a 15 year old computer."

    I was trying to say that adding extra layers of software like .NET ... HAS impacted performance ... but not seeing a particular issue with budget screen scrolling ... other areas ... YES.  I have noticed a steady decline in overall performance with my more recent upgrades.
The majority of what you post will be resolved when you get the R2 patch update later today (9/25/13).

The refresh/repaint/redraw and performance issues will be different in 2014 from any prior version, as 2014 has been upgraded to .NET Framework 4. Prior versions were on .NET 2.

"You can access all accounts and information without the vault password, just by hitting cancel." There is no Cancel button on the Vault Password screen. I suspect you mean the File Password, which does have a Cancel button and does grant access to the file if Cancel is clicked. This is resolved in R2.
  • I just want to clarify the password issue(s). In Quicken 2011, when you launch the application you're immediately asked for the a password. If you hit cancel, the application quits. If you enter the password, you have a CHOICE as to whether to do a one step update or not.

    With Quicken 2014, you also get prompted to enter a password. If you hit cancel, it simply doesn't download anything, but you get access to Quicken. Almost as annoyingly, if you enter it, one step update activates whether you like it or not.

    If both issues are addressed in R2, then great, thank you.
  • Wow. A patch the week it was released. I don't know if that is good or bad.
  • What patch will I need to wait for to get a stable fully functioning version?
  • R1 has been in Beta for several weeks where most of these problems were found.  R2 was suppose to be the one for release to public, but a problem was found at the last moment.

    As for "stable fully functioning version", there is no one in the world, but you, that can answer that, since it is a vague statement, but in fact if you don't like excitement of a new release, wait till say April of next year when all possible patches are out, and then you will have your answer one way or another.
  • Because you changed to .NET 4, does not mean we should accept poor performance. It's looking like I'll be sending this back under the 60 day return policy.  Should have looked for issues before I purchased.
  • No alcohenusa you shouldn't accept bad performance or the crashes that some people are getting.
    I have been lucky.  On two of my machines I didn't have any problems, and on the third updating my video driver fixed the performance problems.  So Quicken 2014 is stable enough for me, but it is pretty clear that is not true for a lot of people, so they should make use of the return policy until the problems can be worked out.

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