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Quicken 2014 Error Code: 6987

I purchased Quicken Premier 2014 for Windows this morning from Amazon, but Quicken is crashing and giving me Error Code: 6987 when ever I try and drill into any item on the Home > My Money screen. This includes single transaction items and Quicken crashes if I click on the pie chart or the list.

Is anyone else having this issue and is there a workaround?


Update: I received R2 when I did a One Step Update and R2 appears to have solved my problem.

Thank you.

  • Which Release do you have R1 or R2?  Click Help >> About Quicken to find out, then post what you see.
  • I have R1. If there is an R2, how do I download and install R2?
  • I was told that Amazon customers would be getting R2 with the download, otherwise you  should have been updated with a patch during the install.  Wait until further instructions can be provided by someone.
  • As of 1000 ET 9/25, R2 is not yet available.
  • Please Edit your original question and attach a screenshot of your Home tab. I'm not finding any snapshot for the Home Tab called My Money, and I want to ensure that you and I are looking at the same thing. I don't want to miss any detail simply because I'm not getting what you're reporting.

  • I just added a partial screenshot to the initial post - thank you.
  • I can confirm that Release R1 crashes if you drill into any category on the list or pie chart in the See Where Your Money Goes view.
  • Latest I am hearing is that Intuit has been delayed getting the R2 version out to you, but the good news is that it will fix your issue when it becomes available.

    We will keep you posted and provide instructions.
  • I have Q2014 RPM R1 and I do not get any crashes on the My Money tab (See Where Your Money Goes" in particular: I double-clicked virtually everything that's clickable there - including pie slices - and had no problem). Running 64 bit Win 7 as administrator.
  • NWJ, I can reproduce this in R1 also, according to Tamara this is a known issue which has been resolved in R2.
  • I was only pointing out that there is more to the problem than just R1 - since I do not have the problem in R1.
Just uninstall and go back to 2013 quicken home and business like I did and everything will be fine. Quicken 2014 is like

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