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Quicken 2014: Possible new features

While doing my yearly pre-release snooping I ran across the following new feature on Amazone, Sam's Club and Target's website.

Jack Pot - New Amazon links and info:
  • Snap & store receipts to keep track of important purchases. Reduce paper clutter. Store warranties, track deductions, charitable donations and other things you want to record. Just capture the receipt (and even images!) through the Quicken 2014 mobile app and it will attach to the specific transaction. Easy!
  • Mobile syncing now 16x faster. Sync your information across devices in as little as four seconds
  • Add and view bill reminders directly from your register to easily track upcoming bills and projected balances

There are two new videos associated with 2014 as well:

Specifically about new mobile snap features:
Product overview:

OLD Links:
Quicken 2014 Home And Business Financial Software (PC Software)
... NEW Snap & store receipts to track deductible expenses...
...  Includes: Headset...  <--------  don't really believe that it will include a headset, seems silly
You can read it yourself at the following links:


Sam's Club

The Sam's Club also mentions the new 2014 Android/iOS app, but doesn't reveal anything new.

Maybe the headset is so that you can hear your money going down the drain when you spend it foolishly.  ;-)
    Well, will have to wait and see. By the way, downloadable, Quicken Deluxe 2014 is presently available at for pre-order with a release/availability date of October 2, 2013. Other flavors of Quicken 2014 are also available there for pre-order.

    • They must have added this the day after I made this post because I had searched Amazon several times.  I'm starting to get excited!
    • Amazon seems to have removed all references to Quicken 2014 as of today.  I looked at all the different versions yesterday, but can't find any of them today, 9/18/2013.
    • Interesting, and according to the Sams link if you have 2013 and the mobile app and upgrade to 2014 you have to upgrade the app also.
    • Good point...  so i guess there will be a Quicken 2013 and a Quicken 2014 app in the respective app stores.  It will also have a beneficial side effect for Intuit that the 2014 app will start off without any negative reviews.
    This link says that Quicken 2014 is available for download in two days, as in Sep 25th, 2013.

    it also has this new video about the 2014 mobile capabilities:

    • One thing that strikes me is the price at  $75 has to be the full retail price.  Usually very shortly after the release there have been some really discounted prices from the 3rd party vendors like  I figure that should happen again, so I would be in no hurry to buy it.
    USA TODAY reviews Quicken 2014 here (reposting, because posted in incorrect spot previously):

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