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download from GECRB store account

I have an account with which is run by GECRB. the url I use to go to the landing page for the account is

how do I set this up with Quicken Deluxe
    Do a Window's search of your C: drive for fidir.txt.  This is the Q file that contains all of the info re: banks that have chosen to support Q.

    Open fidir.txt in Notepad, or Wordpad, and do a search for GE Capital Retail Bank, Amazon, GECRB or any other variation that you care to try.

    None of them were found in my copy of fidir.txt ... meaning that you can't download to Q from your Amazon credit card.  NOTE that this is GECRB's and/or Amazon's decision, not Intuit's.

    I DID find onlinecreditcenter5 ( and onlinecreditcenter2 (JC Penney), but not onlinecreditcenter6.


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