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is chrome on android supported?

QBO used to be available to Android devices running Chrome.  Recently, using Chrome on my Nexus7, attempting to log on at brings up a 'your Chrome is out of date' message, but the Google Play store says my Chrome is the latest version. Does Intuit want me to pay yet another fee for their mobile service, or is the mobile version of qbo going to come back for Android Chrome?
  • Don't recognize the QBO acronym.  Please elaborate.  
    But, the Quicken Mobile app is available for free, but only if you have Q2013.  Q2012 and before, it's not available at all.
QBO= QuickBooks Online.  You'll be best served asking this question over on the QuickBooks Community. Not many Quicken Users will have the experience with QBO to answer your question.
Thanks for the redirect!  I'll try over there (I thought that's where I was, but I see now that I was in the wrong forum). Sorry.

BTW, QBO stands for QuickBooks Online.

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