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Quicken for Windows vs. Quicken for Mac


I will be purchasing the MacBook Pro soon.  During a recent analysis, it appears that there are a lot of significant differences between Quicken 2010 and Quicken for Mac Essentials.

Will someone please provide some insight and alternative solutions?  I had an opportunity to preview Mac Essentials and I was very disappointed in the loss of features/functionality.

I am seeking a robust solution that will offer similar features/functionality to Quicken 2010.

  • Consider staying with QWin - take a look at Crossover, VMWare, Parallels, etc.

    I run QWin 2010 on an iMac w/ Parallels/XP and very satisfied.
  • JM, thanks for the quick response.  Based on your recommendation, I am currently  on Parallels website.  Does this product require a lot of manual configurations or IT expertise to successfully run Quicken 2010 for PC on a MAC platform?
I am certainly no IT expert :>)

Have been on the Mac system about 1 1/2 yrs - don't recall all the steps but it is well documented and installation was relatively easy.
You can purchase Parallels thru download - and then just click on an icon to install. My choice of Parallels was due to the influence of a son who was a satisfied Mac and Parallels user.
Note that with Parallels or VMWare you need a full copy of Windows. I picked up WinXP for a very reasonable price on eBay.

My understanding is that Crossover does not require Windows - not very familiar with it but recall reading that QWin will run on it.

Bootcamp is another alternative - believe it comes with the Mac OS but requires rebooting to switch back and forth between Mac and Win.
I like the convenience of having both systems running and one can switch with the click of an icon.

The biggest challenge to me has been learning the Mac system. My learning progress has probably been slowed because it is too easy to revert to the familiar Win system.

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