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Quicken 2012 Deluxe won't register

I purchased and dloaded Q2012 from Amazon. Whenever I go to do any online transactions I'm told that it's not registered. I go through the registration process, it says it's finished. When I try again, It again tells me it's not registered putting me through the same loop. I've rebooted, restarted QB and still it won't acknowledge that the registration process was completed.

Any ideas ?

    You can try using the "registration bypass" to see if that allows you to go online without being prompted for registration every time.  Bypass = Ctrl + Shift while clicking on Tools > One Step Update.
    • Hi, and thanks for the reply.

      ByPass doesn’t work either,I get this box when CTRL+SHIFT and Tools->OneStepUpdate http://screencast.com/t/0KMWoqBTj9

      Also, the registration process reports that it was successful, when I click "Finish" the box goes white and just hangs, then I need to CTRL-ALT-DEL and end the QB application.

      Thanks again.
    You can try editing the Quicken.ini:

    1.Confirm that Windows is viewing Hidden Files & Folders
    •Windows 7 / Vista: Select Computer from the start button, Organize>Folder and Search Options>View and select Show Hidden Files & Folders
    •Windows XP: Double-click My Computer, Tools>Folder Options>View and select Show Hidden Files & Folders

    2.Open the Quicken.ini file:
    •Windows 7 / Vista C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Quicken\Config\Quicken.ini
    •Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\Quicken\Config

    Based on your screenshot, you should look for QCOMRegNeeded= in the [Quicken] section, and the value should be 0

    The really proper solution, to prevent this from getting mucked up or causing you further issues, would be to use http://quicken.intuit.com/support/help/using-qcleanui-to-uninstall-quicken/GEN82227.html QCleanUI to Clean All Versions from your system, then reinstall 2012.  Even if you didn't use a previous version, there may be an OEM version that came with the computer when you bought it (or might have been part of the manufacturers floor image) that left some bad Windows Registry keys behind that were not fully overwritten by your 2012 installation.  Using the QCleanUI to Clean All Versions wipes out all Quicken registry entries so that you can reinstall in a clean environment.
    • I'm having the same exact issue.  The quicken.ini already had QCOMRedNeeded set to 0.  What else can be done?
    • Brianminnie - are you saying that the registration by-pass also fails to work for you?
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