PDF Printer: "Printer not activated, error code -20"

Ok, so, I bought Quicken 2006 Deluxe, and installed it. I was very excited about the PDF Printer add-on that came with it.As soon as I went to use it, I got the following error:&quot_Printer not activated, error code -20&quot_I went into the printer properties, and see the component is actually made by Amyuni, Inc. It has an option to &quot_activate&quot_ the product, and if you click it, there is no license infomration filled in. I can only assume something was left out of the installer.I can reproduce the error from ANY application, and even generate it by clicking &quot_Print Test Page&quot_ in the printer properties screen.I tried uninstalling/reinstalling. I even installed it on a brand new laptop and tested it there, same problem.I first tried Quicken's online chat support. I had to first prove to him that Quicken really did make a PDF printer. He kept explaining to me they don't support 3rd party products. *sigh*  I finally sent him a link to the info of &quot_What's New in Quicken 2006!&quot_ and then he attempted to help me. He wanted me to repeat the steps I already had done. I did, of course to no avail.I gave up and called, thinking perhaps that was a higher level tech support. *sigh*I was first told they don't support 3rd party programs. I explained it was THEIR product. After much explaining, they wanted me to make new data files for Quciken (*sigh* I did), and tried uninstalling/reinstalling, AGAIN, I did. No luck. They never would escalate me, just wanted me to keep trying things. They didn't even know who Amyuni was, or couldn't understand taht the Quicken PDF Printer really isn't part of Quicken, but....Anyway...I'm out of ideas to try, any suggestions? :(


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I have the Exact same issue. Their is nothing "wrong" with the install as this using a new Dell Inspiron 9300 with XP Media Center Edition 2005 and I bought Quicken 2006 Deluxe yesterday and it installed perfect (NO Errors during the Windows Installer process) The user above is correct there seems to be an issue with their install script not registering the 3rd party component. If I had a user id/key I could activate it manually but this is not the case as it should have been activated or pre-activated using the installshield script. It could possibly work fine on some configurations or possibly an upgrade from a previous edition but this is a new PC with a clean install of XP Media Center 2005 all the updates and virus scan disabled to stop script blocking and it doesn't work using a fresh install of Quicken 2006 Deluxe.
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