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How do I transfer from iBank (Mac) to QE

I used Quicken since 1994. When QE came out, I was not able to write checks. iBank enabled me to write checks but I find it clunky and slow. Now QE 1.5 enables writing of checks and I want to transfer my accounts back to QE. I can't seem to export my iBank account to QE. What am I missing?
    iBank only exports .qif files. QEM only imports converted .qdfm files so there is no solution for your problem.

    If you still have your original Quicken Data.qdfm file you can start from there.


    After some deep thought I realized there is a solution.

    1. Export your iBank file to .qif

    2. Import the .qif file into Quicken Mac

    3. Convert the .qdfm file to .qdfx using Quicken File Exchange Utility

    4. Import the .qdfx file into QEM

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