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Is it possible to install Quicken 2011 on two PCs and share the same data file? My wife woudl like to see our finances from her own laptop as well. I remember Money had a similar feature which backed up data to their cloud.

Also, what exactly is Synch to Outlook?

Thank in advance.
    What I have been doing for the last two years is to use a free service like dropbox. I password protect the datafile. I then store it in the dropbox folder and allow that program to automatically sync the file everytime I modify it. This automates the transfer process and as long as neither one of you is on the program making changes at the same time it keeps both files up to date.
      The Intuit EULA allows for having the program installed on up to three computers in a household at once, so installing it on a second computer is not a problem.
      Sharing the data is a different issue.  The easiest way to move it is with backup on your computer and restore to it to her computer.  Now, if the wife is NEVER going to make any changes, just looking around running reports (that she doesn't save as customized reports), you will be just fine.

      But if you have plans for her to be able to make changes (including saved reports), then she would have to give you a backup of her data file after she is done with it and you would have to restore it to your computer.

      There is no sync/merge routine in Quicken to bring files with different changes in them into harmony.  You can only replace (the whole thing).  The reason I bring up the reports is that their format is stored in the data file, so if she saves a customized report and then the next day you give her a fresh copy of the file from your computer, her "edited" data file is replaced and the report is gone.  Just trying to keep harmony in the house.

      Also, Intuit/Quicken does not support storing the current data file on a network drive:

      I don't use Outlook, so this is all I know about Sync to Outlook found by doing a search on

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