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how to reset pop up message on one step update

The following popup message appears whenever I try to close Quicken 2013.

"your last online session was not completed.  Do you want to try again before completing?"

When I check the "One Step Update Summary", all items are shown as fully downloaded and everything is O.K. 

This message started appearing after one failed download.  However, it has updated the accounts properly many times after that.

How do I get rid of this annoying pop-up?
  • What bank, and what type of online access?.  The latter can be found by doing CTRL-A and looking across the line, to the Transaction Download column, for the particular bank.
  • There are no errors for any banks.  When I hit CTRL+A, every account is error free.
  • Not what I asked.  re-read.
  • Sorry, I do not understand the question.

    You asked to look across the line to Transaction Download column, for the particular bank.  What do you mean by "particular bank"?

    I have several banks and financial institutions - Bank of America, TD Bank, TD Ameritrade, Chase, Citibank, Discover ........ to name a few.

    What type of online access?  It is an automatic download setup within Quicken.
  • Have you recently closed a bank's accounts and deselected them from One Step Update because you don't want the accounts updated anymore? Are these accounts still activated for download?
    Have banks that you are doing business with recently undergone a merger or a rename of their websites and you created new accounts in Quicken? Are the old accounts still activated for download?

    Somewhere in your list of bank accounts is one where the last OSU failed and Quicken keeps remembering that until you properly deactivate the account(s) with this bank ...
  • There is one bank account that has been closed more than a year ago.  The account is marked as closed and the online service is no longer active.

    I poured through the entire list to see if any account was not updating.  Could not find it.
  • Let's take a simple approach:

    * What is the name of the financial institution that appears on that message?
    * If no FI name is presented on that message, what is the name of the bank you have Activated for Direct Connect in your Quicken File?
    * Don't know how to find that answer? Open your Account List (Ctrl + A) and look for the account name that shows YES, Direct Connect next to it. That will tell you which bank to provide here.
  • I have Bank of America (2 Accounts), TD Bank (3 accounts set with Direct Connect and 1 account not set for downloads), Chase, Discover & Citibank, Prudential, TD Ameritrade (5 accounts). Right next to Chase it says <Improve Connections>.
  • See Sherlocks Answer (below) for the FAQ, which advises if you have Online Payments in this file that you should have the financial institutions Online Banking Support on the phone when you perform those instructions. The error is not coming from Chase (Improve Connection = not a Direct Connect), probably not Citibank or Discover (I've never seen this error with credit card accounts), and probably not Prudential or TD Ameritrade (I've never seen it with Investing accounts, either).

    If I were making a wager on this, I'd say the most likely culprit is TD Bank, though it could also be BofA. TD recently went through some system changes that you may have encountered. If this were my file, I'd start with TD Bank and choose to update just that connection to see if the problem recurs.
  • I just noticed there's an important step missing from that FAQ - in the Resend instructions, there's a set of instructions that include keyboard action that's necessary to clear the "stuck" payment.  The missing Resend instructions should read:

    1. Select Tools > One Step Update > Update Settings
       *  Enter your Vault password, if prompted, but do not Update. Only open the Settings.
    2. Uncheck all selections.
    3. Check the first financial institution that has Online Payments.
       * If you do not use Online Bill Pay of any kind in this file, select the first financial institution listed in Settings
    4. Hold the left Ctrl key and click Update Now (or Get Updates, depending on your Quicken version).
    5. When prompted for your PIN/Password, release the Ctrl key, type in the PIN then Ctrl + Update Now.

    If you have Online Payment activated in this file you MUST perform these steps with the financial institution on the phone with you. This process has the potential for re-sending old payments, or resending current payments multiple times, and the FI Support needs to catch & remove those before they hit your account.
  • Sorry Tamara -- It didn't work.

    FYI - It did not ask for password as stated in Step 5.  It asked for a password in Step 1 though.

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