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Why does one-step update keep asking for passwords to Pentagon Federal accounts?

About every 3rd time (once per week on average) when I do one-step update with Quicken 2013 Deluxe, it completes the update on all of my accounts, but then asks me, 1 by 1, what the password is to each of my Pentagon Federal Credit Union accounts.  Each time it takes 30-60 seconds, and then there's a "success!" flag, then I move onto the next error.  It's the same password for all of the accounts and it hasn't changed.  A week later it will make me jump through these hoops all over again.

It's really gotten frustrating.  I have no problems with any other financial institutions, so why is there a problem with Pentagon Federal Credit Union accounts and one-step update?
    Looks like this issue has been reported just recently for another user.

    As that user did, you'll probably have to take your issue over to Quicken Support ... it's more than the SuperUsers (all volunteers) can handle.

    • Alright I'll try that.  Thanks!
    • FYI, after about 30 min on their chat, the furthest we got was deactivating and reactivating online transactions-- which I had done several times already while I troubleshot this issue myself.  The next step she suggested was bringing up a backup file to do it all over again, and I just don't have all afternoon to guess-troubleshoot over chat.  Hopefully someone will figure this out later.

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