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Quicken H&B 2013 - For the MAC?

Is there a version of Quicken for the MAC that will allow me to transfer my 2013 files over and have it run.  Or do I need to install Windows 7 on my Mac and run it there?  Any thoughts/
    There are 2 versions of Q for the Mac.  Quicken Essentials (very limited) and Quicken 2007.

    SO, if you want H&B 2013, you'll need to install a windows emulator.
    • I was afraid that was the answer.  With all the Mac's out there, you would think the Quicken folks would want to do something about it.

      thanks for your help
    • "With all the Mac's out there"  But there are 10 times that number of Windows computers and creating a piece of software with the complexity of Quicken is not cheap and needs a whole lot of buyers, evidently the numbers have just not been there on the Mac side.
    • Those who want what they have no reason to deserve, frequently assume that their opinions should be sufficient to get then what they want.

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