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bug reporting for Quicken 2011 and 2012

I can't find a bug reporting tool anywhere,   my attempt to submit these to customer support was worse than fruitless,  as they want to fix me,  rather than tell me that they will fix the product.    I'm a long time quicken user with records as far back as 1992.    I recently updated to Quicken 2012 expecting these bugs that were also in Quicken 2011 would have been fixed by now.    I really want Quicken to continue to be a product I can use and trust,  so here is another attempt to get bugs addressed.

Bug 1 is insidious.    When using the invesment performance report and expecting to get an estimate of how my different investments compare over some time period.    Any time period that includes a transfer of shares between accounts will get incorrect values.    When I track it down I find that what has happened is that in the two columns ( Investment, and Return) the transfer of shares shows up with drastically different amounts.   In fact it shows up as the market value of the transfer in the investment column but shows up as market value of a single share of the investement in the returns column.   Deleting and recreating the transfer transaction doesn't help this,  though I think there were some older transfers that before I recreated them showed up with number of shares times the market value of the investment in the investments column,   and market value of the investment in the returns column.     This seems like a simple multiplication error that can be fixed with very few hours of developer time,  but it leaves me with a report that I can't use, because I can't trust it.

Bug 2 is fairly benign,  but quite annoying.    On an investment account using the holdings view you decide to input a price update for something that quicken doesn't track prices for.   So you put the cursor over that price and enter the new one.    Once you hit enter you have unwittingingly created a zero price entry on the investment item below the one you were updating.    Hitting Esc won't even bring back the price that was on that other stock.   Only by either updating the price to a known correct value, or going to the price history editor and deleting the bogus zero price can you fix the corrupted entry.    If you know you're looking for these you can not hit enter or tab after entering the original price update and mouse off of it instead,  but this is a very non-intuitive interface and I still occasionally wipe out prices that weren't the one I was actually updating.

Bug 3 is another report bug.    If I choose to look at my spending  report with itemized categories.   I'm often only interested in actual spending.    I customize the report to not include my investment accounts since I want to see those transfers.    I set the advanced report option to "exclude internal" transfers,  so that transfers between credit cards and checking or between other non-investment accounts aren't part of my "spending."   Inspite of this, my payments from my checking to my credit card accounts still show in the report.    I verified that the checking account and the credit card accounts in question are in the list of accounts to include in the report,   so those should be "internal" transfers and not being listed.   Again a report that isn't doing what it says it is doing and leaves me unable to trust a report summary without going through it line by line looking for goofs like this.
    "Bug 3 is another report bug. If I choose to look at my spending report with itemized categories. I'm often only interested in actual spending. I customize the report to not include my investment accounts since I want to see those transfers. I set the advanced report option to 'exclude internal' transfers, so that transfers between credit cards and checking or between other non-investment accounts aren't part of my 'spending'."

    That is not a bug; it is working as designed.

    From Quicken Help:
    "Exclude internal: Excludes transfers within accounts that are included in the report or graph (such as the opening balance or adjustment transactions)".

    [Note the key word in the definition is "within", as in "transfers within accounts". The old (very old) definition was "transfers between accounts". The "new" definition has been in effect since at least Q2004.]

    To achieve the results of the old definition of Internal Transfers, you need to deselect the individual "account categories" (my term) whose transfers you want eliminated ... from the end of the list of categories on the Categories tab in the report Customize dialog.
    • Cool,   I still think Bug 3 is a bug,  but if support had suggested NoWay Jose's approach instead of first updating the fresh install of quicken, and then that suggesting that I should just use the exclude all transfers button I would have been a bit more happy.    Took me a moment to comprehend "account categories."  That could work with some further effort to identify which specific ones I want to include/ exclude.
    The proper way to submit a bug is to contact support, and yes their first reaction is going to be to try to see if they can "fix" it or provide a workaround.
    Help -- Quicken Support -- Contact US

    Or directly:

    Also if it falls into a the "suggestion" area you can go here:

    You can also try posting problems there, but frankly from what I see there very few Intuit employees looking at that site and lots of complaints with no answers, at least with support you know someone has seen it, and might forward it on where it will be entered in the the actually Quicken bug system.

    Also there is a chance that Intuit might see your question/bugs here even though it is not the normal channel.  There are a few scanning this forum because of the fact that Quicken 2012 has just been released and they are looking for problems/feedback at this time of the year.
      A "bug" means the results are unintended; the product is not working as the developer intended. So the current internal transfers logic isn't a bug.

      While I find the new definition of internal transfers to be legitimate, and useful; I wish an option was still available for the old definition ... in additon to the new definition. As QPW mentioned: you can make such suggestions at:

      As to determining whch "account categories" to exclude from a report to duplicate the effects of the old definition of "internal transfers": delete the "account categories" for every "account" you have included in the report.

      [Which could lead to another "suggestion" for Intuit: namely, on the Categories tab in the report Customize dialog, allow the ability to select all "account categories" or to deselect all "account categories". That would speed up the process of replicating the exclusion of "interal transfers" as defined in older Quicken versions. This option could be expanded to include/exclude all "Income" or "Expense" categories as well.]

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