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MS Money Data Converter

I'm trying to import data from MS Money using the MS Money Data Converter.  When I start the program and click "Import into Quicken" I get the error message "CreateQWPAManager could not be found in qwutil.dll".  I've searched my hard drive and I can't even find qwutil.dll.  I have Quicken 2007 installed.  I've tried this on 4 different computers with the same result.  Where do I get qwutil.dll?
    qwutil.dll should be in the C:\Program Files\Quicken\ directory.

    However, the seperate data converter does a very poor job of converting data from an ms money file.  I'd recommend upgrading to Quicken 2009 or 2010 (I prefer 2010) to use the integrated MS Money import feature.
    • OK, after further review, I do have qwutil.dll in my C:\Program Files\Quicken directory.  I'm not sure why my search didn't find it.  So why then do I get the error?

      Note - based on rdodolak's advice I've ordered Quicken 2010 so at least I'll be up to date.  We'll see if that works better.
    • I have the same issue. It would seem to me that upgrading to Quicken 2009 or 2010 is NOT the answer if Intuit has released a converter that DOESN'T work.

      Is there another conveter out there that will do the job?
    • hawk,

      I'm not sure I understand your comment about Quicken 2009/2010 and a converter that doesn't work.  The (separate) data converter is an antiquated piece of software that had many limitations and hadn't been updated in years.  The new converter found in Quicken 2009/2010 has been redesigned from the ground up with help from Microsoft.  In other words the two converters are completely different pieces of software.  In my experience the converter that comes with Q2009/2010 works great (leaps and bounds better) but still has a few minor bugs that are being addressed in an upcoming patch.  Those bugs only affect certain features which won't affect all users.

      To answer your question, there is no other converter other than the ones available from Quicken.
    • to futher rdodolak's comment and explanation - there was a converter from Intuit as a stand-alone product.  As rdodolak indicated, it had some severe limitations but for getting Money data into QW2007 (the original posters setup) or any other Quicken version, it was the only thing going until QW2010 was released in October 2009.  

      The new built-in converter was initially released in the QW2010 program and the added as a patch into the QW2009 program.  That converter appears to work quite well.
    • Well, here's another chapter in my saga.  I bought Quicken 2010 Starter Edition and the converter included with it only brings in MS Money data from version 2007 or later (I think that's what it was . . I'm at work now).  My mother has MS Money 2003!!  Now I have to buy the full Quicken 2010 version I guess.  Will that even go back to MS Money 2003?  My mother just wants a simple tool to keep her check book balanced.  She doesn't need all the bells and whistles of the deluxe version.  Why is Intuit doing this to us?
    to PaulAPCI:  It is well documented on this site and on Quicken's support site that the converter from Money to Quicken 2009 and 2010 requires Money 2007 or 2008.  Further, it is well documnented that you can get a free trial edition of Money 2008 from MS to aid in the conversion process from older versions of Money.  Overall, I am not sympathetic to your problem in that regard.  

    I am a little surprised that the Starter Edition even includes the converter.  The SE version won't convert a 2003 Quicken file; why should it convert an old Money file; but Intuit did include it.  

    "My mother just wants a simple tool to keep her check book balanced."

    Why even bother to upgrade to QW2009 or 2010 if her current Money version is suiting her needs?  Clearly she has not ben getting any MS support for 2003 for several years.  Why does the future loss of support for later versions of bother you or her?

    "Why is Intuit doing this to us?"

    The better question is why did MS do this to you.  Intuit has gone out of their way IMO to gather in new users.  I think both firms have been pretty generous to make this transition as easy as possible for most users.

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