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Downloading updates in Quicken takes very long--any way to lessen time

My updates in Quicken can take up to 15 mins.  I have comparable information on Money (converted file from Money) and Money does the same updates in a few seconds.   I am using both until my Money subscription runs out and can no longer update, then I will be on Quicken only which is at present runnijng much slower.   Why does Quicken take so  much longer to update accounts. Are there options I can set so that the update downloads go faster?

Thank you to anyone who knows the answer
  • I cannot address your issue, but offer that Quicken updates about a dozen accounts in under one minute for me.  I've seen a number of posts complaining about this issue.  Hopefully someone from Intuit will offer some direction.
  • Thanks for the comment.  I should note that this happens the first time I update in a day after I turn on my computer.  Iam using deluxe 2010.   It also takes very long (seems like forever sometimes) for the first account (not investments--those go fast, but first account after investments) on the first update of the day to download and then the rest go quickly.   And does not seem to matter which is the first since I have experimented with unchecking boxes to see if this makes a difference. But waiting for the first update to complete is frustrating.  If I update again that day all goes as it should.  Hope that the Intuit folks have a solution.  Thanks for your quick response, and for letting me know others are  having the same problem.
You might want to look into scheduling updates (Tools) if you have not done so already.  Can greatly speed things along.  Set to run on Windows startup.
  • I prefer not to schedule updates and do the one step update myself when I turn on my computer and open Quicken and choose to do so.  Seems like this should be possible with updates done in a reasonable amount of time.  While I appreciate the response I really do not see how this will solve the problem I am describing.  Seems like something is not working correctly and while your I appreciate that your suggestion is a workaround short term fix the basic problem remains.  If you can update quickly I do not see why my version (which is the latest deluxe 2010 R9) should not.  Unless there is a bug in this version (R9).  

    Quicken has sent me a number of automatic responses with suggestions from other users all from 2009 describing changing the preferences to uncheck open live community.  I have the latest update of 2010 deluxe and thereis no option in preferences that I can see.  From tracking other messages I also see that others are having the same problems so seems like there is something that is not right.

    Thanks again.
I know this seems obvious, but does your computer do a full virus scan or backup when it is first turned on?  This may compete with Quicken for resources.

The other thing that I have tried is to launch Quicken, shut it down, then relaunch Quicken.  For some reason, the downloads seems not to hang when I do this.  Maybe because it is the "second" Quicken session after a reboot (which is similar to your comment about subsequent downloads working fine).
  • Thanks.  No, no scan or backups scheduled when turn on.  Tried what you suggested and makes no difference.  Still takes a long time to update the first account--ages!  Would be good to get it fixed at some point.  Strange that it should take so long, does not seem right.
  • You can test your update issue by creating a new file and recreate the accounts you update.  I suspect they will update in record time.  Then you can decide the next steps.
  • Thanks.  I really do appreciate and try all the stuff that you superusers send.  I tried creating a new file before sending my first message.  Same problem.  I checked around on Google the last few days and found many sites apart from the Quicken live community where this concern is being voiced.  Some folks even state that they are IT professionals and are frustrated over the time Quicken 2010 takes to update.  And many were long time Quicken users who are unhappy with 2010--a shame that Money decided to stop when Quicken is no longer snappy and friendly.  At least happy to find that my few trouble shooting efforts are in sync with the Quicken superusers (at least some of the time :-) ).  Thank goodness for the live community or I would have sent back my Quicken copy within the first month.  The software is not user friendly but the site is.

    Will try anything you folks find and send but  for now, am not going to research this anymore and am going to research around for other programs or hope that Quicken fixes this.  This program is pretty time consuming for me and non intuitive cf Money which is so simple and fun to use.  A few quick mins each day and I had all I need; I even got a book from the library for this Quicken software, thinking I must have missed something!   Book confirmed it is convoluted software.  I cannot tell the last time I loaded software and did not just work with it to get the feel and then went from there.  Quicken is the exception to this rule.   I  read that Intuit bought Mint and that it is more elegant.  If so, hopefully some of its style can be incorporated into Quicken which for me has all the features I needed but is no fun at all to use.  Am working at appreciating Quicken for the time being.

    Thanks again.
  • An update--last week the updates started to speed up and now seem to be okay.  Also received the latest Quicken update around that toime which may have something to do with it.  Thanks again to the superusers GeoffG and jakubson for your tips.  I am crossing my fingers that this is now fixed.
  • You're very welcome.
  • Ok, updates were fine up till a few days ago when the same problem I reported back in June started again.  Takes 10-15 mins to update the first account (after investments which are updated quickly).  Same computer. No new accounts added or deleted.   Is there some new Quicken stuff that is causing this problem again.   Thanks!
  • My online updates used to zip by, but since I updated to 2011, they take up to 15 or even 30 minutes. They seem stuck on the "updating financial information" screen for the first account. If I update each account individually, it is still quite fast. What is going on with the One-Step Update that takes so much time? I have had the same experience that it is only the first time I run it.
  • Updates are taking a very long time. I upgraded tp 2011 hoping it would solve the problem. I see no improvement.
    It seems to hang on the first account, When it updates, the others process in a timely fashion.
  • This is a bug, no two way around it. I have been using the Quicken update feature since at least 2002. This was working fine up through Q-2007. When I "upgraded" to 2010, it suddenly was very slow. The really annoying thing is that the dialog says "Done", I can see the downloaded transactions in the  window, but the pop-up just sits there and spins for at least 3-5 minutes. And this is just updating one account!

    If Quicken does not fix this in a patch to 2010 (not buying another effing upgrade at $100), I will never upgrade again and will take my business to another product.
  • Having the same problem in 2011.  It started after I added an additional account. It now takes well over 10 minutes and sometimes as long as 25 to update.
  • Mine used to take 5 minutes or so.  Since upgrade to Win 7 and reinstall of Quicken 2010, updating is unbelievably slow (minutes per account).
  • I running Q2010 RPM R10 on 64 bit Windows 7; my downloading time is just as fast as it was on Windows XP Pro SP3. And it is not what I consider "slow".

    I doubt that the operating system has anything to do with the download time.

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