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Error OL-221-A

I can log into my banks web site and DL a Quicken OXF file.  When I try to open it into Quicken I get an Error message OL-221-A.  What is wrong?  Thanks.
    Quicken won't process OFX files; only QFX files.
    • Error OL 221 A & B I thought I used Q web
    • I have been getting this same error.  I have been downloading OXF files for over a year and all of a sudden it no longer works.
    • I have the same problem started approx. a couple of weeks ago
    greger you have been downloading QXF files for over a year, Quicken doesn't accept OFX files and never has.

    Please check this link to see if it will help:
    • I am getting this error with a QFX file. Not an OFX file.
    • schuess60,

      Did you look at the link I posted?  It suggests that this problem is either a temporary outage at your financial institution or that your financial institution is sending the incorrect data in the file.
    • I've had this problem for a few weeks now.

      Customer Support refuses to believe it's a problem with Quicken, although I had been downloading from all of my financial institutions perfectly fine until a few weeks ago.

      ALL of my .QFX downloads no longer work, regardless of the financial institution which was previously working.

      Seems kinda silly that ALLLLL of my banks would just all of a sudden stop working. The more likely scenario is, somebody somewhere at Intuit broke QuickBooks, and rather than admit the mistake, put all of the customers through their miserable customer service, waste hours of allll of their customers' time, and then at the end of the whole thing say something ridiculous "you'll need to contact your bank(s) because they need to fix the problem on their end."
    • I started having the same problem with all my banks last month.  Very hard to believe it is a bank issue.
    What version of Quicken are you people using?

    If you are using Quicken 2008 it was just sunsetted.
    • If it'll help I got this error when downloading a QFX file that turned out to be empty - the date range I had specified to my bank did not match any transactions but it still presented me with a QFX file that when I downloaded and tried to open failed with this error. Threw me off since I do this all the time.

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