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Bank of America transaction download problems

Although the Quicken download summary states that I've downloaded transactions successfully from BoA, the transactions do not show up in BoA register.
  • Do the transactions appear in Tools > Online Center? - If so, what happens if you click Compare to Register?
    Do you have Edit > Preferences > Register > Downloaded Transactions set to Automatically Add To Register?
    If the transactions cannot be found anywhere in your file, what happens if you use Account Actions > Update Now at the top of the BofA register?
  • I've had the same problem for months. Bank of America credit card says update is complete, but no new transactions show up. BoA Tech Support says it only supports manual download and transfer to Quicken, but that was not the case earlier, and I don't receive an error message. There seems to be a distinction between Express Web Connect, Web Connect and Direct Connect, but I can't figure out what the differences are or what to ask for. BoA acts clueless.
  • Jag - if you go to your account on the BofA website and choose to Download File for Quicken (QFX), are you given the option of choosing a Statement Month or do you get to choose FROM and TO dates?
  • Q Tamara - Tools > Online Center > Compare to Register is grayed out so I can not click on it.  Edit > Pref are set to Auto Add to Reg.  When I click Update now from BoA Reg, is goes through the process like any other credit card or back... send, receive, etc with no error messages.  
    Jag - The process stopped working for me on March 20th.  Can't get BoA to update.
    I've gone to their site and tried a manual download but that is not working either.
  • This is my issue as well.  Any resolution to this??    Some days it downloads, but most days it doesn't.  I would like it to download the transactions that are on their website regularly as other accounts do.  Please help.
  • Heather, I hate to be discouraging, but I jumped through hoops forever with BoA, got any number of different explanations and finally gave up. I switched to a no-fee account at Wells Fargo and haven't had a problem since. Good luck.
  • I'm noticing this thread was 10 months ago, but this problem continues on and on for we Bank of America customers...  I use Quicken Essentials for Mac and consistently get Download Error 102 every time I try to connect.  I go round and round with the stupid customer service and all they send are their form letters which essentially boil down to "servers must be down - try again", and of course, this never works.  The last email I got from them yesterday said all was fixed, but I still get the same errors with Bank of America every time.  When will this recurring problem ever be resolved?
  • I never found any evidence BoA wanted to fix it. The bank has set up its own alternative to Quicken and is promoting that as a universal financial management tool for Bank of America customers. I suspect that doesn't bode well for Quicken, or their customers.
From BoA website.  To use Quicken, you must pay a $9.95 monthly fee.

4. Other Terms and Conditions
A. Monthly Service Charge
Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement or your applicable account agreements and schedule of fees, there is no monthly service charge for accessing your linked accounts with the Online Banking service.
Note: For Personal Financial Management programs (such as Quicken) used to access Online Banking with Bill Pay service – There is a $9.95 monthly service charge for Consumer customers and a $15.00 charge for Business customers who have the Online Business Suite Account Management product. We waive this charge if you have a Preferred, Advantage, Versatel, or Prima account linked to your service, you are a Private Bank or Premier Banking client. The fee is waived for business customers if you are a Business Advantage checking customer.
  • Keep in mind that answer and charge is for Quicken with "Bill Pay service" included. This does not refer to the express web connect, I believe this is for Direct Connect, in which some if not most financial institutions charge for this.

  • Assuming one does not choose to pay the Bank of American web connect fee, the question is still: Why is Quicken set to show "Update successful" when none of the transactions that are supposed to download have actually downloaded? Does this apparently deliberate false feedback serve the interests of either Quicken and/or B of A in terms of suppressing questions? What is really going on here? The feedback, Successful or Unsuccessful, was reliable and meaningful until earlier this year. And now??
  • "Why is Quicken set to show "Update successful" when none of the transactions that are supposed to download have actually downloaded?"

    Quicken has no idea whether there are really any transactions available or not. Sometimes there are transactions available and sometimes there are no transactions available. If Quicken doesn't receive any transactions it has no way of knowing whether they were available or not.

    "Does this apparently deliberate false feedback serve the interests of either Quicken and/or B of A in terms of suppressing questions?"

    Where did you come up with such a disgustingly false notion.

    There is no "false feedback".  The message - "account updated successfully" - is factual and means that there were no errors found during the process. That message has been the same, and meant the same, since at least Q2009.

    I suggest you learn to seek out the facts first, instead of jumping to conclusions and posting nonsense as you have here.
  • I have had this problem for months with downloading transactions from several institutions. I have tried all the solutions mentioned above, to no avail.  Tried to save the file to my desktop (copied from the Firefox downloads folder) and import manually, with same result--nothing appears in the register. Anyone with new insights? Thank you!
  • I would like to thank Nowayjose for his wonderful and wise response. Everyone needs to be like him.
  • The Facts: When I see Successful but no transactions in a one-step update of my bank, I sometimes go to my bank's website immediately, see some transactions perhaps going back more than one day that were not picked up in the one-step update, then download them as a Quicken file to my desktop, and they then go into Quicken. Either the bank did not really make these transactions available to Quicken despite appearances, or Quicken had an unknowledged error in reporting the update as "Successful". I don't know which of these possibilities is the accurate one in any case I experience. NowayJose knows--as a matter of faith rather than fact--that the underlying error is always the bank's and never Quicken's. Faith is okay, if youi call it faith and not fact. Fact comes from observation and direct knowledge. Faith is something presumed without concrete evidence. I don't know which organziation causes these failures to update. But presume it's never Quicken's fault? Quicken Theoloogy, I would say.
  • Just got off the phone with Bank of America.  They tell me that the connection problems I'm experiencing are simply because they have to 'enable' a connection for each account - meaning one must call their bank to authorize and enable this feature.  He said it was an extra security step.  He didn't mention anything about a bank fee, however, I'm a platinum advantage customer with Bank of America, so maybe it's waived?  I don't know.  He claimed he has now enabled the Direct Connect for me and it WILL BE working within 24 hours.  I'll post an update tomorrow if it works...
  • Mroberts - what number did you call.  I've talked to them many times w no success.

    Tommychewgum- do you get duplicates doing it this way?  Since you can't select specific dates?
  • They gave me this number to call: 1-800-933-6262  I had to enter my SSN and then chose Option #5 (Technical issues using online banking, mobile, or third party accounting software.)  The rep then came on the line and I explained to him that Quicken was asking me to use Web Connect instead of Direct Connect.  I told him I didn't want to have to go to BOA online and download a file.  I wanted to be able to pull the transactions directly from Quicken (using a Mac, by the way).  He told me that my account had not been enabled to do that, put me on hold for only a minute, then said it was all taken care of and would require 24 hours to take effect.  We shall see!  Hope this helps!
  • Sorry it took awhile for me to get back here.  Just wanted to report that the Bank of America 'enable' of the direct connect feature worked very well.  I had to go into my Quicken accounts settings and change the option back to 'Direct Connect' (I had previously been told to use Web Connect to download files from the bank website).  I waited 24 hrs after the BoA rep fixed this, then went into settings and changed back to Direct Connect. The downloads have been working perfectly well over the last two days.  Hope this helps!

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