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Renaming rules not working

When downloading transactions, my renaming rules are no longer working. I just upgraded from Quicken 2010 to 2013. They worked fine in 2010. The "Apply renaming rules to downloaded Transactions" box in Preferences is checked.  What's up?
  • They aren't working at all
    They aren't working correctly?
    More information is needed to help you.

    They did change the renaming process and you can no longer base the rule on the contents of the Memo field.
  • I'm using the rules to rename/correct the payee name.  For instance, Vons store 5621589 renames to Vons.  None of the rules are working.
  • There were several renaming rule issues identified in the beta which are in the queue (though no idea as to when they will actually show up in an Release), e.g. QW014298
  • My Q2013 R5 renaming rules are working just as they did in Q2010.
  • My renaming rules are broken too, since I upgraded to Quicken 2013. Currently on R6.
    Not only that, but renaming rules (if they were to work) no longer allow renaming based on memo field. This is a serious error.
  • In Q2013, they took away the ability to use the Memo field to decide the renaming rule, so you might be running into that issue. If your FI decided to put the "POS asldfal;jdfal;sdjfal;sdfj" junk in the payee and "Giant Supermarket #123" in the memo, you were doing "if memo contains Giant", then make Payee = Giant, you are kind of hosed.
  • Carl_S or jack, we'd like to know more about what's happening with your rules. Would either of you be willing to work with me on tracking down the problem? If so reply to this and let me know. I can contact the forum admin to get your email and follow up.

    As for Payee and Memo thing: Quicken always runs renaming rules against a *combination* of Payee and Memo (i.e. we put the payee and memo fields together in one, long phrase and run the rule against that). This is because of the variation in the way the Fi sends us the data (as splasher said).
    Some FIs shove everything into the memo, some use just the payee, and some put the first part in the payee and arbitrarily put the second half in memo. (This was actually true in earlier versions as well.) So, your rules that previously depended on memo should still be ok.
  • Jeff, there is probably a super or two who are having this issue. You might want to post in the lounge. I am not having any renaming rule issues myself.

    Interesting that you mention the renaming rules run against a combined payee and memo string. Was that the case during the beta?
  • Mary,
    I don't remember the concept of combined payee and memo ever being mentioned in beta and I was real interested in that issue at the time.  If it is a combination, why not say so as in "If payee and memo contain" so that it is obvious.  Carl_s and jack are not the first ones to bring this up in QLC.
  • If it really does not scan the memo field too you should certainly set the record straight here:

    And prove that it actually works because it sounds like people have had the problem first and then complained, which means something is not working.  There are other threads on here about renaming rules no longer looking at the memo, and as far as we knew the feature was just gone and referred people to comment on it on GetStat.

    Personally I don't have any renaming rules based on memos, so it didn't affect me.

    BTW there was another bug where if the Payee to match had & in it like A&P it would do the wrong thing and try to match A or P, instead of the work A&P.
  • Jeff, I'd be happy to work with someone to figure out what's broken. Nothing's really happening...I have renaming rules for transactions that are pretty regularly downloaded from my FI, and they're just not working. I have all the preferences set correctly (I've been using Quicken since the Checkfree days), but the renaming is just not applied any more. I have to manually replace the gibberish with the Payee I want. For instance, my ATM withdrawals pretty much all have "PNC" somewhere in the Payee field; I have a rule to rename those to "Cash". It just doesn't happen.

    If renaming does scan both Payee and Memo, that's fine (though not clear to the user). I won't know if that's working until the renaming itself works.

    Thank you for the quick reply. I'll do what I can to help.
  • Jeff, I'm in.  My issues have nothing to do with the Memo field, only the Payee.  Let me know what you need in order to figure this out.
  • I just upgraded from Quicken Premiere 2010 to Premiere 2013 for Windows.  The memorized payees work for my credit card account, but not for regular checking (both accounts worked before).  Sounds like a lot of us are having this problem.  I hope someone from Quicken can chime in and offer a solution.
  • I have now located and read all the other comments.  It appears most of my payees' information is (unfortunately for me) coming through the memo field.  How does the "If Quicken name is" rule work? I can't tell if I can use that as a work-around.  Do I have to just wait until another transaction comes through to test it, or can I trigger the same transaction to come through again to see if it is then properly renamed?  Or, are we able to have a new renaming rule applied without having to re-download the transaction.  Hoping for some guidance, and I'm willing to trouble-shoot live with someone who wants to test things out.
  • .
  • gail.nestor:
    You can't re-download since Quicken remembers what it has downloaded into an account.  You could restore a recent backup and then download again to test the renaming rule.  In fact, you could do that multiple times until you figured out the "magic" combination.
  • And renaming rules only apply to transactions as they are downloaded. Once they have arrived in Quicken, renaming rules can't be applied.
  • gail.nestor,

    Splasher is right. Even if you delete the downloaded transactions and then re-download, Quicken won't take them. (this is to prevent dupes when your *really* want to delete those transactions.). Going to a backup to test would be best.

    If you don't have a recent backup, we (engineering team) have ways to force Quicken to take the transactions again, but this would require us to do manual modifications of your data file on our end. If you're interested in taking part in a test, post back here and I can contact you directly.
  • Also, just FYI: A clarification on "Quicken Name" rules.

    "Quicken Name" is how we refer to the Payee name that was automatically cleaned up and displayed in your register after download (assuming no renaming rules you already have take precedent).

    For example (I'm making up this example--this is not meant to reflect an existing rule):
    1. Assume the Bank provides and ugly Payee name like:

    2. If you have no existing renaming rules that are triggered by this payee, Quicken may attempt clean up and create a "Quicken Name" like:
    "Banana R"

    3. In the renaming rule dialog, you may then create a "Quicken Name" rule like:
    If Quicken Name is "Banana R" rename to "Banana Republic"

    After this, any payee Quicken cleans up to be "Banana R" will be renamed to "Banana Republic" (Whereas the "Payee Contains" rules always act on the original Payee name from the FI.)

    Note that if you see cases where Payees are not getting renamed as you'd expect, this "Quicken Name" could be the culprit. Consider this case:

    You buy some gas on your credit card:
    - Bank Payee = "SHELL 123 MAIN ST, CLEVELAND #77777"
    - Quicken Name = "Shell"
    - Create a Quicken Name Rule: "Shell Gas"

    All is well.

    Then you go to restaurant called "Shell of the Sea Cafe" (I'm making this up--not a real place :-)
    - Quicken * incorrectly* cleans this up and thinks the Quicken Name should be: "Shell"

    This will trigger your Quicken Name rule and call this payee "Shell Gas." Oops.

    Something to look out for when troubleshooting your renaming rules.
  • I'm sorry, but IMHO this is another example of fixing something that wasn't broken and in the process messes up more than it solves.  :-(
  • I'm with BOBL2 on that.  It worked just fine before AND you could define several rules that would yield the same output.  You could work with either payee or memo; use logic for "is equal to", "starts with" or "contains".  
    This is one case where "Do no harm" was violated.
  • As far as I can tell, the Payee and the "Quicken Name" fields are not filled by my financial institution (TD Ameritrade).  The fields work fine for Amex. My downloaded transactions show as follows (for example) in the payee line:
      /FRESH N FIT CUISINE 770 509 2232 GA

    For the second payee above, I have renaming rules that specify:
     If Payee contains: FRESH N FIT  OR  If Quicken name is: FRESH N FIT  change to "Fresh n Fit Cuisine"

    It appears I am completely out of luck unless the renaming rules are changed so that once again they include text in the memo field.  Each financial institution is different, and it seems mine has chosen to only use the memo field to store vendor data.  After using Quicken for many, many years, I too am dismayed that this functionality was changed.  Please tell us there's a chance it might be reworked.  I'd being willing to be a test case, if so.
  • I just upgraded from 2012 to 2013. My renaming rules do not work. I cannot get the rules to work. I put in the name that is contained in the download, but it does not stay after I click done. Also, edit/ preference/download rules does not give me the choice to "Let me review/confirm the automatically created rules".
  • gail.nestor, I'll contact you to follow up. (Renaming rules should be analyzing the contents of both the downloaded Payee AND Memo fields. If it's not, this is bug.)
  • After upgrading from  2012 to 2013 it appears that all my renaming rules have stopped working.  Been using quicken form many,many years so I have hundreds of renaming rules.  Since the upgrade I have had to manually correct the downloaded transaction for every account I download transactions to, even for vendors that I have long-standing renaming rules for.  if I right click an unaccepted downloaded transaction the "Revert To Original Payee" option is disabled, so it would appear no renaming is being attempted. Also, the built-in help topic for "Downloaded Transactions preferences" references options that don't actually exist in the product.  According to Help I should have a section in this preferences dialog for "During Transaction Download". That does not exist in my Quicken.
  • Hi Jeff, I should be around today, so e-mail me if you want and we can trouble shoot.  I can send my phone number via e-mail too if that will help.  I kind of like analyzing why something isn't working as expected, especially when it can help get a problem fixed quickly!
  • I am also having trouble with renaming.  I have upgraded from 2010 to 2013 Premier.  Now every downloaded transaction in my banking account is renamed to "myname".  I have to go online at my bank to manually match the transactions to figure out what company did the draw on the account.
  • forgot to mention.. I am running R7.
  • It appears that all versions of Q2013 renaming do NOT operate the same.  I have Q2013 Home and Business, have turned off all renaming and transactions are still getting changed.
  • (I am 2013/R10)

    I have tried everything listed above. Nothing

    Tonight, I deleted all my Naming rules and started over. Still does not work. I did a simple HOME DEPOT to HOME DEPOT and it did not correct any of my future HOME DEPOT transactions.

    I am over it.
  • I think you may be misunderstanding how renaming rules work.  What future transactions are you referring to?
  • So. I have a name rule "HOME DEPOT". When I get download transactions. My HOME DEPOT looks like this #234237 Home Depot 234455. When I accept the tranasction is should turn  #234237 Home Depot 234455 "INTO" HOME DEPOT on the entry line.

    What am I not understanding?
  • What are your preference settings for downloaded transactions - specifically in the during transaction download section and in the your renaming rules section?
  • Actually let me point something out, about what I have found with the timing of when renaming rules are applied, that might apply.
    From what I have seen they are applied before they are shown in the Downloaded Transactions tab.
    So if you download transactions, and see in that list something you want to change, and make a renaming rule, it will not be applied to these transactions.  It will be applied the to the next time you download a transaction like that.
  • mshiggins
    During Transaction download (All boxes are checked)
    Your Renaming Rules (All Boxes are checked)


    I guess we will have to wait till my next home depot charge. However, I disagree with this statement. I know in my old quicken it would change all my past entries.
  • I'm might be wrong, but I think I saw that once when I was testing the renaming rules in Quicken 2013.
  • Too All

    OK, I believe all the pertinent choices for renaming in "Downloaded Transactions Preferences"  are possibly opposite what we assume their intent to be. I've UNCHECKED everything except "Capitalize first Letter......" (nothing to do with renaming) & renaming appears to be working.  The one that really stands out is "Use my existing renaming rules". Rather counter-intuitive.   I still contend, speaking from experience, this is a programming issue. The logic seems to be reversed. Easy to do. I've done it myself. Only the programmer can tell us what was actually intended for each switch.

    All of this is still speculation since there is no definitive definition for each of these functions. Better documentation is the only real answer.

    2013 P R10
  • Another finding

    Renaming rules don't work if you're using the whole "Payee" or "Memo" field as downloaded.  Such as "POS       Mac Kroger              124" . Selecting just "Kroger" in this case or "Home Depot" or "Macys" does work. I suspect it has to do with the "white spaces" in the downloaded string. I've noticed that some of those "white spaces" are  removed when you copy & paste them into the rule or if you have "Automatically create renaming rules when I rename payees" checked.
  • Yeah they changed the renaming rules to "smart" as in word based.  You can no longer do things like Starts With, or match a whole phrase.
It appears that the Help is out-of-step with the Preference dialog as of R7. The help is describing some updates that have not yet been released. We plan to release these changes in an upcoming patch. Sorry for the confusion!

Since the cat is out of the bag, I can at least let you know what's coming in the prefs.
First, right now (R7) we have renaming rule prefs spread out across multiple pref screens:
1. Prefs > Register: "Use automatic categorization"
2. Prefs > Notify: "[notify when] Creating a renaming rule.
3. Prefs > Downloaded Transactions: the main rename prefs

We plan to consolidate all these into one place (Prefs> Download transaction) so you can actually find them!

Second, that #2 pref above: 
Prefs > Register: "Use automatic categorization"

Currently controls two actions. In R7, if this is checked we: (i) attempt to automatically categorize downloaded transactions (when you don't have memorized payees to define the category); AND (ii) attempt to clean up the Payee name.

We plan to break this into two, separate controls: one for categorization, the other for Payee name clean up. So you can choose either one OR the other.

So, for now (R7 or earlier versions of Quicken) if you deselect the "Use automatic categorization" we will stop both auto-categorization and payee name clean up. (Again, for the categorization part, is does NOT affect categories determined by your Memorized Payee List. Only new payees that are not in the Memorized Payee list.)

Q2013 always runs the rule against a combination of the Downloaded Payee AND Downloaded Memo. So, those rules you had for memo should still work. (As stated elsewhere, we do this because different Financial Insituations send us data in different forms--some use the payee field, some use the memo field and some just arbitrarily chop the name in half and put some in the payee and the rest in the memo.) 

  • Well, there you have it. I enabled "Use automatic categorization" an now my renaming rules appear to be working again.  I'm not sure I understand why, however, as "clean up payee names" and renaming rules re two different things.  I guess it's possible that my renaming rules are still not working, it's just that "clean up payee names" is doing such a good job it looks like they are.  At any rate, with "Use automatic categorization" disabled, NO renaming or cleanup was being performed.
  • I too enabled "Use automatic categorization"  and now my renaming rules appear to be working again.
  • I also enabled "Use automatic categorization," and now my renaming rules appear to be working again too.
  • I have also upgraded from 2010 to 2013 and my Naming rules are not working. However, my  "Use automatic categorization" was checked. Still not working??????
I received an email from Intuit:

In regards to your concern related to renaming rules. In Quicken if the renaming rules have been deleted and it is still renaming the payee because the payee name would be listed in the memorize payee list. So if your renaming rule is not working as it should then you need to delete all the renaming rule for that payee as well as you need to delete the memorized payee from the memorize payee list. There are chances that the payees in the memorize payee list has been corrupted due to which the renaming rule is not working for you. So you need to repair the memorize payee list in Quicken. So I would recommend you to create a copy of your data file because we don?t want to follow the steps in the original file: 

A.) To make a copy of your file: 
1. Click on the File menu. 
2. Select File Operations, then choose Copy. 
3. When the Copy File window comes up, click on Browse. 
4. In the File Name field, put in a name for your new Quicken file and click on Save. 
5. Make sure the date range given will include all the transactions you have entered into your file. 
6. Click on OK. 

After your file has copied, a window will appear saying "File Copied successfully", and ask you which file you would like to use: the Original file or the new copy. Select the New copy and press OK. 

B.) Repairing the memorize payee list. 
1.) Hold down Control + T on your keyboard to open the memorize payee list. 

Warning: The steps below would affect all the payee in the list and that is the reason we are following the steps in the copied file. 

2.) Select the first payee in the list and hold down the shift and the down arrow key on the keyboard to select the entire payee list. 
3.) Once the entire payee list is selected >> click on Delete. Result this would delete the entire memorized payee list. Once it deletes all the payee then close the memorize payee list. 
4.) Click on the tools menu, let it be open and now hold down Control and shift key on the keyboard and by holding down these keys click on Memorize payee list. Result: It would recreate those payees which are not corrupted. 

NOTE: Make sure that the renaming rule is deleted for the payees. If possible then delete all the renaming rules. 

Now you can try to download the transaction from the bank and check if it works in the copied file. If it works then you can continue using the copied file as it has been fixed and has all your information that you have in your original file. 

If the issue persist in the copied file then move back to the original file please follow the steps listed below: 
1.) Click on the file Menu. 
2.) In the drop down just above the exit button you will see the list of files that has been recently opened. 
3.) Click on the number 2 file that should be the original file. 

I would request you to call us at 877-844-1515 from Monday to Friday between 10 am to 8 pm according to EST. As you are using 2013 so there would be no charge for the call as you are under one year free technical support which applies from the date of the purchase of the product. 

Quicken Product Support 

The instructions above didn't solve my renaming rules problem
A second call with an on-line interactive product support (9th Jan) provided the following steps:

1) Delete all memorized payees
2) Delete all renaming rules
3) Delete all do-not-rename rules
4) [edit]  [preferences]  [register]  [transaction entry]  unclick [use automatic categorization]
5) [edit]  [preferences]  [data entry and quickfill]  unclick [recall memorized payee]

My downloaded transactions are no longer being incorrectly renamed because they are now not being renamed at all.
I guess this is a step in the right direction.  I will now attempt to create some new renaming rules and memorized payees.
However I wish I could find some better documentation on how Quicken works and what all the check boxes in preferences do.  For example the Quicken Help for "register preferences" has no mention of the "automatic categorization" checkbox.  Is there a "missing manual" anywhere?  (I think I had one for an older version).

  • My renaming rules still don't work.  I have made numerous calls to Intuit now.  The last one a week ago resulted in this issue being "escalated" and I was told I would receive a call back within a day.  No call back.
  • Here is an example of a renaming rule not working properly.

     I have a renaming rule:  change payee to: [Country Grocer] if payee contains [Country Grocer]
    The results are:

    Payee=Eftpos Interacountry Grocer
    Downloaded Payee=EFTPOS Purchase - Interac
    Memo=Country Grocer Salt Spring Bccd
    Downloaded Memo=Country Grocer Salt Spring Bccd

    I wonder if the "-" or the word "Purchase" in the downloaded  transaction are causing the problem.  Clearly Quicken has made a brave attempt to put "Country Grocer" as the Payee but unfortunately combined it with parts of the downloaded payee (EFTPOS and Intera), changing the upper and lower case as it sees fit.

    Any ideas anyone??
I too upgraded from Quicken 2010 to Quicken 2013.  I have been using Quicken since 1996, so I think I know my way around the program pretty well.  No matter what I try, I cannot get renaming rules to work for any new merchants.  I have a downloaded merchant named "Eastcoastdy."  I want to rename this merchant, "East Coast Dyes."  I created a renaming rule for this merchant as I want it. 

Before, when using Quicken 2010 if I clicked on another account I have, when I returned to my downloaded transactions the merchant would be renamed as I created the rule.  Now, it does not matter how many times I open or close Quicken, click on another account or change my preferences under the edit menu, none of merchant names change as I renamed them.  Also frustrating is that there is nowhere you can see all the rules you have. 

Sometimes when I select revert to: it reverts to a previous renaming rule, and not the downloaded name.  If I knew I was going to have these kinds of problems, I would never have downgraded from Quicken 2010.  When I downloaded Release 7, I thought it was going to fix my issues, but not even Release 8 has fixed the issue.  You would think with all the years Quicken has been at it that they could get it right.

I am frustrated to no end with Quicken 2013. 

Maybe they will get it right in Release 9.

    "According to Help I should have a section in this preferences dialog for 'During Transaction Download'".

     The Help presentation may not be as clear as it could be, but, "During Transaction Download" is a "Help" section, it doesn't refer to a "Preferences" section.

    The individual options covered in Help "During Transaction Download" are "Preferences" found in Edit > Preferences".  

      Automatically categorize transactions", for example, is found in the "Transaction Entry" section of "Register" Preferences (though to be precise, it's called "Use Automatic Categorization" there).

      [It's also not clear in Help, what difference, if any, there is between, "Automatically categorize transactions" and "Automatically apply Quicken's suggested name to payee". It appears that selecting the Preference to "Use Automatic Categorization" applies to both of those Help options.]

      Having said that, I don't understand what any of this has to do with whether Renaming Rules work, or not.
    • If you click the "Having Trouble" link on the renaming rules dialog the resulting help page provides some troubleshooting steps that reference sections in the preferences that don't exist. Following is copied and pasted from this help.:
      Choose Edit menu > Preferences.
      In the left pane, select Downloaded transactions.
      In the right pane, in the During Transaction Download area, deselect Automatically clean up payee names.
      Click OK.
    • I just noticed a difference between 2012 and 2013. In 2012, you could chose memo as a choice to see if it contain a certain word. I used this alot. That choice seems to be gone in 2013. WHY!!!!!
    • The same help also says that to enable renaming rules confirmations that one should do the following:
      Choose Edit menu > Preferences.
      In the left pane, select Downloaded transactions.
      In the right pane, in the Your Renaming Rules area, select Let me review/confirm the automatically created rules.
      Click OK.

      There is no "My Renaming Rules" section and the Renaming Rules section does not contain an option to enable/disable confirmations.  I did however find that this option appears to have been moved to the "Notify"Section and renamed "When creating a renaming rule".  I have still not found a setting that sounds like it may be the replacement for the aforementioned "Automatically clean up payee names" option so I have no idea if that is enabled or disabled (or even still a valid setting) in Quicken 2013.  If I cant be sure where all the settings are that affect renaming I cant be sure it is actually configured correctly.
    • jlstagg:
      Expand the comments just under the OP.  There is a comment by Quicken Jeff that states that it now uses a combination of the Payee and Memo fields to start with.

      I prefer the old version of Renaming Rules too.
    @Quicken Jeff

    Any chance that "is equal to" or "starts with" will be coming back?
    • No plans that I'm aware of.

      Note however that "equal to" was the most restrictive rule (i.e. must exactly equal this). So, I think(?) in most cases a long matching term in a "contains" will effectively act as an "equal to". Also note that "contains" really means "contains these words in this order"--again, making a long string effectively an "equal to" for many payees.

      "Starts With" is a bit more fuzzy, but given that "contains" is order specific ("contains in this order") you can hopefully cover many of your "Starts With" cases.
    • Back to an example that I think you used about "Shell" and "Shell of the Sea Cafe" and I'll add "Seashells by the Seashore Gifts".  "equal to" "Shell" would get #1 and ignore the #2 & #3 which would be desirable.  "starts with" "Shell" would get #1 and #2 but not #3, but "starts with "Shell of" gets only #2.  There were good reasons to have them that can not be done with just "contains".
    • Splasher, just to clarify, "contains" means "contains whole words in this order" but the terms to match may be separated by other terms.

      Contains "Shell" would match "Shell"
      Contains "Shell Cafe" (or "Shell Sea" or "Sea Cafe") would match  "Shell of the Sea Cafe"
      Contains "Seashells" (or Seashore or Seashells Gifts, etc) would match "Seashells by the Seashore Gifts"

      Quicken runs most complex rules first so, for example, "Shell Cafe" would run before "Shell" (so your "Shell" rule doesn't catch everything.)

      Hope this helps.
    • You know what would really help is if this information was in the help, and also a better explaination of "Is Quicken Name" does (instead of just saying it runs at the end.  So if you have any pull with those writers please suggest it.  Not everyone is going to come to this thread to find out how it works, and I doubt "it just works" is really going to work.

    • Jeff, how do you get it to find "Shell Cafe" as nine consecutive letters  as in "Rt 66 Shell Cafe" versus "Shell of the Sea Cafe" ?  What you are describing as happening is there is an implied multi-character wildcard in between words similar to what the & is doing in A&P.
      I don't think most users are thinking of the rename rules to be like Google searches, just a bunch of independent search terms, but as a chunk of text that is going to be matched in its entirety as consecutive letters.
      I agree with QPW, Help needs to rewritten with very explicit examples.
    To Quicken Jeff -

    Thanks for your prompt help solving the renaming rules problem. I, as others it seems, did not realize there were so many places needing to be "turned" on to allow the renaming rules to work.

    User  JL Stagg
      I've been following this thread since the beginning but to date nothing suggested will cause renaming rules to work. I'm @ 2013 P R10 & I've checked all the boxes as describe here. I can see the renaming rule at work in the downloaded transaction area at the bottom of the register    - "Kroger"\POS    Mac Kroger        124           Fort Wayne   -  waiting to be accepted. The rule is {If Payee Contains "Kroger"}. The downloaded Payee is {POS   Mac Kroger      124}. The Memo field is  {POS    Mac Kroger        124           Fort Wayne}. I can revert to the original Payee & the Memo field, as shown after the "\" is correct. Accepting the transaction inserts "POS   Mac Kroger      124" not "Kroger".
      • dlk:
        How are you doing your download and which financial institution?  I have found similar issues with Web Connect and Capital One.
      • Direct connect. I've never had this problem until 2013 any version. Renaming is obviously working but not making it to the register. This is a programming issue.
      • I, too, am still experiecing the same issues with renaming rules, even with version 10 and even with all the appropriate changes to preferences made.  My financial institution's online site states, "Powered by Intuit", so I assume that the two systems would be compatible.  This feature was working wonderfully for me prior to the upgrade.  Now, having to manual rename every transaction during every download is a nightmare, not to mention a waste of hours of my time.  Why, oh why, did I ever upgrade?  Never again.

      Too All

      OK, I believe all the pertinent choices for renaming in "Downloaded Transactions Preferences"  are possibly opposite what we assume is their intent. I've UNCHECKED everything except "Capitalize first Letter......" (nothing to do with renaming) & renaming appears to be working.  The one that really stands out is "Use my existing renaming rules". Rather counter-intuitive.   I still contend, speaking from experience, this is a programming issue. The logic seems to be reversed. Easy to do. I've done it myself. Only the programmer can tell us what was actually intended for each switch.


      All of this is still speculation since there is no definitive definition for each of these functions. Better documentation is the only real answer.

      2013 P R10

        I use Cash manager 2013 R1 Canadian edition.
        My downloaded transactions are being renamed even though I do not have any renaming rules !!

        • Try turning off, as suggested by Quicken Jeff above.
          Edit -> Preferences -> Downloaded transactions -> Automatically categorize transactions

          Quicken Jeff said that for some reason (a bug in his words) with this option it would rename payees to their server's suggested list.
          I'm not sure you have this, but I notice in the newest US (R10) release they also have an option that I don't remember being there and might have been in to address this problem.
          Automatically apply Quicken's suggested name to payee.  (which is off by default).
        • Thank you for your helpful comment.  

          Unfortunately the latest release of Quicken Cash Manager (Canadian Edition) is R1 and  there is no  "Automatically categorize transactions"  option or check box.
        I just upgraded from Q2012  to Q2013 and found renaming rules running amok. Just figured out that the logic is now simply "Payee contains" instead of "Payee contains" or "Payee begins", as well as no longer any access or distinction on Memo field contents.

        WHAT A PITA! Why take away functionality that has been built up over years?? I'd like to strangle the product manager that would approve taking away functionality in a long standing mature application. Grrrr...
        • In case you missed it way up at the top of this thread in the first section of comments, Quicken Jeff states that the comparison now goes against a combination of the Payee and Memo fields.
        • I didn't miss it. But the "answer" does not address the fact that a feature that has been working for years in subsequent version releases has had its functionality significantly changed for the user such that stuff no longer works. THAT IS JUST STUPID PRODUCT MANAGEMENT. PERIOD.

          I do not have a question so much as a beratement.

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