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Quicken for Mac 2007 data conversion to Windows 7

I am trying to convert a Quicken for Mac 2007 data file to Quicken 2012 for Windows 7.  I have followed carefully the directions on the Quicken web site.  I have also spent an hour on the phone with Quicken tech support.  I am able to convert the file, however, the dates are off by 100 years (e.g., 12/29/2009 reads 12/29/1909).   I have followed the instructions to change the short and long date formats on Mac OS 10.7 and Windows 7 but to no avail.  I am now on with chat support and they are clueless.
  • It has been noted that after you change your date format in Lion, you have to restart. before you continue with the conversion.

    That said, I have seen several people convert over to QWin, and often, the process is mired with problems. I hope it goes well for you.
  • Thanks.  I will try a hard restart of the computer and try again.
  • I have just had the same experience, so will be watching for the outcome of this suggestion and any others offered!
  • I just did the same thing and had the identical thing happen--all dates from 2001 are 1901 etc.  I have years of data so that the years in the 1990's now appear AFTER 2000 to 2011--so the registers are in the wrong order making the program unusable since balances are wrong, reconciliations impossible etc. What a mess!!  And after I spend over $300, buying Windows, Parallels and Quicken. I am now investigating setting up a partition on my my Mac to operate Snow Leopard--it seems more promising. But the key seems to be to get the install disk for SL from Apple directly, not a retail store.    See discussion on following link.  I"ll post how it turns out.  The more I try to resolve this problem, the angrier I get at Intuit for leaving thousands of loyal Quicken users out in the cold---sure they notified everyone but no solution.

    It's like telling someone they are going to get really sick but offering no remedy or cure.

    What does Quicken say about this problem--is there a fix they have made.  I will try contacting them tomorrow after Thanksgiving.

    Please let me know if anyone has further information on this issue.
First off have people seen and tried the steps I put out here?

If this didn't solve your problem there might be things to help you.

If some one wants to give me an example of a problem QIF file where the dates are wrong, I can probably change cleanQIF to not only take out problem garbage data, but also fix the problem dates.

If you want to do that contact me from the contact form here:

BTW if you want to know how old Quicken 2007 software really is, you are looking at a Y2K bug.  As in the year in the QIF file is expressed in only 2 digits and before 2000, 01 meant 1901.  What you are trying to do with the changing of the date format is to force it to use 4 digits for the year.  In Quicken Windows they fixed this as having date formats like this:
1/1/98  (1998)
1/1'02  (2002)  (I suspect Quicken Mac doesn't seem to know this format, and such puts out all dates as 1/1/02, which gives you 1902)
  • Also I do find it "disturbing" that changing the date format on your system changes the format in the QIF file.  This is one of the real weaknesses of the QIF format.  The date format was never standardize and there is no sure way to know what format was used.
I decided that I didn't need to look at the QIF file(s) because I can guess at what they have in them, with the exception of not knowing if the dates are in the format MM/DD/YY or maybe DD/MM/YY or YY/MM/DD (with possible different separators other then /).  I decided I would just show some examples of the dates in the QIF file and ask the user.

So there you go another version that hopefully will get you past this problem once and for all.
    I spent an hour on the phone with Quicken support.  Quicken for Mac 2007 to Quicken for Windows 2012 data conversion is far more complicated that what is on the Quicken web site. Support admitted that the steps on the web site DO not work.  

    Here are the steps that worked for me:

    1.  You need to get a copy of Quicken for Mac Essentials.  This is the product that replaces Quicken for Mac 2007.  It is a basic version of Quicken that is only a check register.  I received a free copy from Quicken support.
    2.   Open Quicken for Mac 2007 and save your data as a QIF file on your desktop   
    3.   Open  Quicken Essentials for Mac and import data on your QIF file.  
    4.    Export the newly created QIF file to your desktop; note I am using a Mac in Parallels so it is the same machine
    5.    Launch QUicken 2012 for windows
    6.    Import the newly created QIF file

    In addition,make sure that you follow all of the subsidary steps on the Quicken web site.  Pay particular attention to making sure that your date naming convention is in the 2011 or 4 number format for both mac and PC. If not, your dates will be off by 100 years.

    Also, this will NOT work if you have securities and price history.

    Bottom line, I got it to work, but it took 1 plus hours on the phone with Quicken support to figure out this maze.  Good luck.
      You are using the wrong terms for the file format.  Quicken Essentials does not import/export QIF files.
      On the other hand there are conversion programs to convert to a format that Quicken Essentials can read (from a .qdfm to a .qdfx).
      Once in Quicken Essentials you can then export in QXF format which, Quicken 2012 can import.  Please note that Quicken 2011 and below can not import QXF files you need Quicken 2012 for this.

      Also please noted that Quicken Essentials and the QXF format do not support investment accounts, so if you have any you still need to go through the QIF route.   And yes it is a very difficult process.
      • I had the same problem first time I QIF file was bad. Here's what fixes it:

        1. Go to your Mac system preferences and do all the 4 digit date changes they specify.
        2. Restart your mac.
        3. Then make your qdfm and qif files on the mac.

        Windows will then recognize the 4 digit date
      • As a side note.  I change cleanQIF to translate the 2 digit years to 4 digit years in the QIF file, for the people that seemed to not be able to get it in the right 4 digit format.
      • What a helpful thread!  I am also moving from Mac 2007 to Windows 2012.  I was stumped by the Y2K problem until I got here.  cleanQIF made short work of the date issue and now MOST of my accounts look pretty good.  However, an investment account is missing some old "cash in" kind of transactions.  This messes up the cash total of the account (the stock shares look OK).
        One transaction that is in the cleaned QIF is...

        is nowhere to be found in the Windows account register.

        This is a very ugly transaction in the Mac version.  I assume it was downloaded from the broker but perhaps I put it in manually to make the account reconcile.  I am old and don't remember everything I did in 2006.
        I have a lot of these kind of transactions in the Mac account and in the QIF but they don't show up in the Windows account.
        Any theories?
      • I'm guessing that blank line is messing it up.  Blank lines are not in the QIF "standard".
      • Save yourself the aggravation go get the cleaner program - I could see the problem in the file (opened with an editor) - to search and replace them manually....  way too much effort. - make sure you thank the writer.

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