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Chase download errors

I am getting a variety of errors trying to download my chase CC transactions. The erorrs include cc-501 and generic its not your fault errors. Is there a problem with the chase downloads or is this a problem on my end?

I am using quicken 2011
  • Chase was down over the weekend for maintenance and was slow to get back online, but they are back up now and the error you would have gotten probably would have been an OL-297-A.

    Have you tried doing an Update Now from the Account Actions list while in the account's register?
  • Thanks for the comment. I am not sure of the timming but I found an option on the chase website to 'allow' quicken downlaods. I clicked that and then was able to download. I think my issue was further complicated as I have 3 chase CC"s and 1 of them was just re-numbered last week.... I am thinking the re-numbering in concert with the weekend outage was leaving me in a 'state of confusion'.
  • If it was renumbered, you would have needed to de-activate One Step Update for that account, change the account information on the General tab of the Account Details and then re-activate OSU to get it working again against the existing Quicken account if you wanted to keep the old and new in the same register.
  • gusAK15o: where did you find the "allow" Quicken downloads on the Chase website?  I'm having issues today as well.  I did a QFX download from the Chase website and that was fine.  However, I cannot "Activate One-Step" due to CC-501 error.  This was just a few minutes ago I tried this.

    I tried both a general update and an update from within my Chase register; neither worked.  

Rest your password on the Chase site. In Quicken disable and re-enable web-connect for your Chase accounts.
  • Many thanks to Deadmony.  Chase has not been working for me; Chase tech support does not have a clue.  Changing my Chase password; editing account details for all Chase accounts to remove from OSU; and reactivating made it work for first time in weeks!
I found the activate option as follows; After logging into chase website - find near top of screen 'Customer Center' - on the reference center page there is an option under the 'Reference Center'  - "Activate qucken, Qucikbooks, etc" - I belive this is what had to be done to re-enable my account after they renumbered it... Thats what broke it loose for me..
  • I am having nothing bit problems while trying to set up a new Chase Chk & Sav, and a new Chase Business Checking... Chase support is useless to non existent. It has me rethinking my whole New Chase account...  For infos have been a Quicken user for over 20 years. Am on line successfully and with no problems at B of A, Fidelity, Vanguard, Sun Trust, Regions....
       I do believe that Chase doesn't get it.. The only messages/help I have rec'd in the last month is to tell me, every weekend it seems, that this or that maintenance will be done over the coming weekend.....

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