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transfer data from Quicken 2004 for Mac to Quicken Essentials?

I cannot find anywhere that will answer which versions upgrade to to which other versions. Do I need to buy 2006 or 07 to transfer from 04, or is it not possible? I also need to know which ones can import from NeatReceipts so I can finally merge all my money stuff. Q Essentials can't.
    The converter in QE is basically the same code from 2007-you can upgrade directly. The official stance was 2005 and newer, but many people have successfully brought in MUCH older versions.

    I don't know about 2007, but I know Neat Receipts does not work with QE.
    • So you're saying 07 will convert from 04, and QE converts from 07?
    • No. QE can process your file directly without your having to get a copy of 2007. You can purchase QE and be good to go.
    • That's great, but how? I have QE and it won't import the qif file or whatever. Appreciated.
    • You won't be dealing with .qif files. You will be using your actual 2004 datafile, so make sure you know where that is and make a backup just in case. (I have never heard of one getting messed up though-it makes a copy to work with).

      This is a two step process. Basically, you will launch a separate Quicken File Exchange Utility, and that will take your .qdfm file (your datafile mentioned above) and convert it to a .qdfx file. (This converter is what I was talking about being mostly code from the older versions). Then, you will import that file into QE. It is easier than it sounds.

      When you are in QE, you should see a green Getting Started button in the overview. Click on that and follow the prompts.

      Post back if you run into trouble, but it isn't hard.
    • Splendid. I'd been trying to use existing backups without saving a copy like it says. Got it done. Thank you. Now I'm gonna try to figure out how to mix in NeatReceipts data. May transfer into iBank but that isn't working either looks like. Or else still look into Quicken '07.
    • I am using Quicken 2005 and have upgraded to QE.  When I converted my files all of my stock information and records were left behind.   Is this normal?
    • Yes, it is normal. At this time, QE does not process manual investment transactions. You can only download a "bottom line". You can adjust  holdings, though.
    • My Quicken2004 file does not have a .qdfm extension from what I can tell.  The file exchange utility freezes when I point it to the data file I do have.  How do I make this work?
    • jlc-don't worry if you don't see the .qdfm-it isn't shown by default.

      Try this first:

      If that doesn't work, contact Intuit support. Sorry if this isn't a detailed answer, but answering from experience.

      Good luck.

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