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alternatives to Quicken essentials for Mac?

Are there alternative financing/budget programs to Quicken Essentials, because this software is barely in a beta phase and certainly not worth $50. Quicken has been around for decades, and Mac users must have an alternative option other than this???
    Yes, I have been disappointed in reviewing the Quicken Essentail for Mac 2011 is still lacking in the investment area and ability to track individual buys and sells. With the change in tax rules and importants of cost basis on individual transaction cannot believe they have now missed this functionality in 2 new releases for the mac community.

    I have been using Quicken for Mac 2007 which is serious lacking but at least allows me to track my individual investments. However, alot of problems with support from some brokerage accounts that require manual entry of buy and sells, etc. into the register.

    I have been a long time users of Quicken since 1992 and have been disappointed since I moved to MAC environment by Quicken's products. No I do not want to pay more money to run parrells since reason why I left the Windows environment.

    I am looking at iBank since the reviews have been favorable and look to try the eval version in the next couple of weeks to use for 2011.

    Very frustrating on why Intuit hates Mac users that they give us an application that has less functionality then the Windows version or older Mac versions. Should be the other way around.

    Well hope they still will support Turbo Tax for Mac otherwise not sure where to go. Back to pencil and paper.
    • I switched to Mac a couple of years ago, but kept the old PC around just for the Quicken 2008, awaiting a good Quicken for Mac product.  Quicken send a note stating that Quicken 2008 will stop online services on April 27.  Now I am cornered, and thanks to Quicken and its own doing (horrible Mac Essentials product), I will have to switch to another product, probably iBank. Nice going Intuit!
    Popular ones are Moneydance, ChaChing, Moneywell,, and iBank. There might be a lot more, but those are the first that come to mind.
    • Don't go to Quicken for Mac 2007.  I also cannot download from my bank (BVVA Compass).  Today Quicken Essentials has turned up with the same thing.  Intuit is still treating Mac users as step children.  They need to know that we are here to stay
    Well, there's Quicken 2007 for Mac
    And if you're running a Windows emulator program (I keep hearing of one called Parallels), you can run any Windows version of Quicken.

    • Quicken 2007 is what I had to move away from.  I could no longer download my online account at Chase.  I am trying to get my QE loaded with my online data.  I have spent several hours with the Quicken phone help.  I am waiting now for Chase to call me back.  What used to be pretty simple in Q is now a mystery to me in QE.

      As for other programs.  I did some google searches, and there qre several that say they are great.  But I have no experience.  I am going to stick with QE a little while longer and see if I can iron out my problems.

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