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Restoring Quicken account after upgrade to Windows 7

I have Quicken Deluxe 2008. I upgraded my OS from Windows XP to Windows 7. When I reinstalled Quicken, my file would not reload: "Quicken cannot validate the file. Choose File menu>Restore Backup File to restore a previous version of the data file." followed by "Quicken cannot open the data file because it is damaged."

I tried all previous backups, walking backwards in time, and was able to open one with a last entry of Nov 2009. All backups before it work, all after don't.

I tried Quicken chat support, their answer was that Quicken 2008 is not Windows 7 compatible, which makes no sense since I have an old backup running.

I accept that this file is probably irrecoverable, but am not sure what the best way is to recover data.

My main question is:  Is there a possible way short of trying to reconstruct 8 months of data short of researching old reconcile statements and fat-fingering a lot of data?
    When you reinstalled Quicken, did you update it to the most current release (R9)?  

    If not, do that update to R9; then try to restore your backup (or copy the backup to a hard drive folder and open it from there).

    [Go to

    to download the manual patch for Q2008 R9, if necessary.]
    • My quicken 2008 is Release 9, so it is up to date. The problem still exists.
    • I also am having problems with QDlx 2009 and Windows 7.  Was able to restore the backup to the new computer, but now cannot save to the harddrive??
    • "Was able to restore the backup to the new computer, but now cannot save to the harddrive?

      I don't understand this.  Can you rephrase?
    One reason for file access problems with Windows 7 (and Vista) is that Windows 7 enforces much stricter rules for file access than Windows XP did.

    If your Windows user does not have appropriate operating system access to the files Quicken needs, you will experience difficulties.

    Quicken data files require read/write access to the file and to the devices and folders where they reside.  Other Quicken files require at least read access.

    Some reasons for file access problems:

    a.) Inadequate operating system access
    b.) Not running current "release" of Quicken
    c.) Trying to open a file created by a newer version of Quicken
    d.) Corrupted data*
    e.) File name too long, and/or contains special characters**

    * If corrupted data is suspected, and the file can't be opened:
    1.) make a copy of the Quicken fileset (prior to Q2010, Quicken data is stored in multiple Windows files) using Windows Explorer (think of it as a backup - to preserve the original file)
    2.) hold down CTRL while double-clicking the Quicken desktop icon (to start Quicken with no file open)
    3.) initiate a Validate (File > File Operations > Validate), and select the copy you made in step 1

    ** Shorten file name to less than 8 characters; and make sure it contains no spaces or special characters.  Use Windows Explorer (and don't forget that prior to Q2010, there are multiple files in the Quicken data fileset).
    • NoWayJose - thank you for the help and explanation. I made a copy of the file (actually all 4) and tried to validate it, but it said the file was damaged. unless there's another way to repair the file, I'm into re-creating 8 months. -rnncdn

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