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open old qdf files in quicken 2013

My old PC was running Q2000 on Win XP. New PC has Q2013 installed on Win 8. As per Quicken website instructions/recommendations, I installed Q2004 on the old PC as an intermediate, then converted, and backed up the QDF files on a flash drive. New PC with Q2013 still won't open the files; error message "Unable to Open Selected Files? What do I do now?

    Not following what all you have tried but...............

    1st, go to Quicken 2004 and be sure that the password to open your Quicken 2004 is less then 14 characters.  Now,  Take your thumb drive and plug it into the computer.  Now, do a Quicken 2004, MANUAL back-up to that thumb drive.  Now take that thumb drive and plug it into your new computer.  Open Quicken 2013 and do a RESTORE ... point Quicken 2013 to your thumb drive.  Quicken 2013 should easily convert your Quicken 2004 data file set.  Quicken 2013 will ask you what folder to place your working Quicken 2013 data file in.
      Did you use the Quicken Backup function to create your files on the USB stick? Or did you use Windows File Explorer?

      If you used Quicken Backup, use Quicken function File / Restore from backup and point to the files on the USB stick. Store the restored files in a \Quicken folder that is part of your Documents folder structure (do NOT store data files in any \Program Files folder! Windows restriction.)

      If you used File Explorer to copy your QDATA.QDF and all other QDATA.* files to the USB-stick, again use File Explorer to copy these files to a Documents\Quicken folder. Start Quicken and it should ask you which file to open. This in turn will start the file conversion from 2004-format to 2013.
        Don't put any data in any program file folder.

        Make sure your Windows user has read and write access to the data folder and file. If necessary (at least to test), create a folder under the root folder, put the data file(set) in that new folder, and try opening from there. You should have your old Quicken Windows data files in a folder by themselves - that way, you can use Windows to move that folder anywhere you want and be certain you will get all the necessary Windows files that Quicken needs.

        Also make your Quicken file name no longer than 8 characters, use only alphanumeric characters, and no spaces.

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