Using 2013: I have a new Chase Bank Credit Card xxx6 and an account that is no longer active XXX3.

One did not replace the other one for one, the replacement account XXX9 is getting it's data downloaded just fine.  I have a Chase Bank Credit Card xxx6 and an account that is no longer active XXX3.  Both are set up in Quicken; only xxx6 is on-line at Chase.  I am "downloading activity" (i.e. transactions) from xxx6 but it is going into the old account # in Quicken XXX3. 
I've seen various questions about this but I can't tell if my issue is the same as others, so I'm asking it the best way I know how to explain.
1.  Figure out why the Chase xxx6 is going into the Quicken XXX3 account and fix that.
2.  Transfer or Move or Combine the previously downloaded xxx6 that is now in the XXX3 account in Quicken.

Thank you for your help with this.


I'm unable to follow what in the world you are talking about... perhaps someone else here can figure out what you are saying..  Seriously, you've lost me...  By the way, next time do not wait 10 months to address an issue!

Anyway, ROJ ..........  Read all the info at the following link so you know what to do the next time one of your cards gets compromised:

Be sure to read ALL, all info at the link below:

By the way, If you aren't already doing so, get into the habit of doing routine manual back-ups of your Quicken data file.  Manual back-ups are your friend and one of the most important things to do when working with Quicken.  Do them often!  When you lets say, goof up, have an issue with an upgrade, etc. you can do a restore using your manual back-up and get back to lets say square one.  8-)   Purchase a couple of  decent brand, $9.00+- 16GB thumb drives on say eBAY.  Do Quicken manual backups to them both.  Keep one thumb drive offsite/,not with your computer (in case you have a fire, flood, disaster, your computer is stolen)  say in your car, at a relative's house.


When you installed Quicken 2013, the install regimen took a copy of your old Quicken 2010 data file and placed it in a folder on your hard drive should you ever need it.  This is what you are seeing when you mentioned this  --.

Last, there is also a folder labeled Q10Files - Date Modified 2/13/2013 and in it is two files:
CURRENT_2012-01-28 (Date Modified 2/13/2013 7:34PM Quicken QDF data file 55796 KB
CURRENT_2012-01-28 (Date Modified 2/13/2013 10:53PM Quicken QDF data file 60,004 KB
If I remember correctly, as I was working on this in February, I pulled in the 1/28/2012 file thinking it was 2013 and realized it wasn't the right one.  Then went back to the 2012-12-28 file which had the work I had done in October on it (I think).

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