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Duplicate transactions recorded

How do I prevent duplicate entry of a credit card payment from my checking account? The update from my bank shows the automatic payment, but when the credit card payment is entered it enters the same payment a second time.
See screen shot
    When you make the payment from checking to CC as a transfer, Quicken creates a matching transaction in the CC account.  When the payment is downloaded from the CC, it needs to be "matched" to the existing transaction, thus "merging" the two transactions into one with combined information.  This is done when you accept the transaction from the Downloaded Transactions tab.  Use the "edit" button to "match manually".
      Thanks.  The problem was that my "reminders" was taking the liberty of adding the credit card payment right into the credit card account, so then when I synced with my credit card, another ("true") entry was made.  I then ended up with an incorrect balance in the credit card registry.
      That's why if I right-clicked the transaction that the reminder did, "go to matching transfer" was grayed-out.  SO I had to delete that entry and keep the one that my credit card sync had done.
      I never realized the reminder system takes the liberty of entering things into your credit card registry even if you haven't paid it!  I have since deleted all the reminders to prevent this from happening.
      • The idea is to let the reminder be entered and then "match" the downloaded transaction to the transaction that is entered either manually or by the reminder.  If you do not "auto enter downloaded transactions" into the register, in other words, review and accept each one individually, the match can be made.  By "merging" the two transacitons (the reminder and the download) Quicken then has a record of the information provided by both.  The reminder will ensure that it has the correct category or split categories and the download will provide the correct posting date.
        As as example, my cable bill covers internet, tv, and equipment rental, taxes and fees which I like to break out. By using the reminder, the split will give me the proper breakouts which I can not get from just the download (it provides just a lump sum number) and the download provides the posting date.
        The trick to this scheme is that the reminder has to be in the register prior to the download to make the match to.
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