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how to make a payment to capital one credit card

My Capital One card is set up for Express Web Connect.  I can download transactions just fine.  However I cannot find an option to make a payment.  My expectation was when I set it up I would have an option under the gear pull down to "make payment", then pick the account to pull from and make the payment.  Not so.  There is no option.  Now, I can of course schedule a payment from my checking and use Capital One as an online payee, bu that seems silly when I have online access between both accounts.

What am I missing here?

  • Paying bills with online bill pay has nothing to do with whether you have online access to the payee - either in Quicken or even just via the internet. It doesn't matter whether the payee even has an online presence.

    And in Quicken, all that matters is whether your online bill payer allows bill pay instructions to be sent from Quicken. Many bill payers do not allow that (and it is their choice).
Making a online payment request requires two-way communication between Quicken and the financial institution.  Express Web Connect is strictly one way and that even goes through an Intuit data aggregation server.
Direct Connect type connections are the only ones that do two-way communication.

See this article for a description of the different connection types: Connection Types

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