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Credit card compromised and new number issued; should I create new Quicken account for new number or just change the number in the existing account?

My Bank informed me that my VISA credit card number and information was compromised by a 'third party' and it (the Bank) will be issuing me a new card with a new number.  Should I create a new Quicken account for the new card, or can I simply replace the old credit card number in the existing Quicken account with the new credit card number (by editing the account information) and then continue using that Quicken account for the new card?

FYI, using Quicken Deluxe 2013.
  • I need some more help!  I decided to keep the current register and just change the account number.  However, Quicken will not allow me to make this change.  Here are the steps I took: Under Account Actions, I chose Edit Account Details.  I then changed the account number from the old number to the new one and finally clicked on 'OK.'  But when I went back into Edit Account Details to verify that indeed the new number was there, I found instead the old number.  Apparently Quicken will not allow me to just change the number.  I then tried a second approach.  BillArf mentioned that he deactivated his account first, so I tried that in my case.  That step allowed me to change the  account number, but then when I activated the account Quicken created a new register for that new account number, rather keeping the old register.  I want to keep the original register but just change the account number.   Help!!
After you deactivate the existing account, remove (blank out) all the Quicken identifying info: fi name, account number, customer-id, etc. Then do the Activate and look for a resulting drop down that has choices like "Add", "Link", and "Ignore": choose "Link".
  • NoWayJose and BillArf,
    I've now been able to link my old Quicken register to my bank's new credit card number.  However, I never was able to get the drop down box that you mentioned, though!  Instead, I tried something different: after deactivating my existing Quicken account and removing the existing account number, I went online and signed on to my bank's web site.  There I instructed the new credit card account to downloaded some transactions to Quicken.  During the download process, a dialog box appeared in Quicken that asked if I wanted to create a new new credit-card account or link to an existing account (this dialog box may be what you were talking about, though not in the form of a drop-down box.)  I chose to link to the existing Quicken register and then the transactions downloaded to that register and I accepted them into the register.  I checked the register account details (Edit Account Details) and saw that the new credit card number had been entered during the download.  Now all seems to be working as desired.
    I greatly appreciate your help!!
  • qwtah ........  There are a few ways to achieve what you desired to do.  The way you ended up using is yet another way to do it.
    I am at a loss why you had issues with the way NoWayJose and I mentioned within the last 1/2 hour.  8-)  Anyway, glad you are all set now.

    Now I'm Curious.....  You followed exactly, the following direction (posted earlier) and it did not work?... No reason it should not work.--->    Now, in Quicken, go to the account that you want #'s changed on and deactivate it.  Remove all info (info in regard to FI, account #, etc.) in Edit Account Details "GENERAL" for that account.  After you do this, in Edit Account Details, click on tab "Online Services" and click on "Set up Now'.  When you do this, you will come to a screen that has you select your FI and then it has you enter your FI, user ID and password.  At that window also select "Save this Password".  Now, you click on Connect.  You will see some activity and be presented with a list of your accounts at that/your  FI.  Find the CC account in question and LINK it to the desired account in Quicken.
  • BillArf, since everything is working OK now I'm reluctant to experiment!!  I thnk I'll just leave well enough alone for now.  Thanks, again, for your help and interest!
qwtah... Many /most FI's these days do just change the account # and charge card# when an account is "breached" / compromised.  In a case like this my preference is to just keep my Quicken credit card register and fix it so I can still do Quicken, One Step Updates with it.

I have had such an issue as recent as a few months ago. The financial institution did not close the account that had the fraudulent transactions but merely changed the account number/credit card number and no more. They did NOT close the violated account! After the FI did what they did, I went to my the account in question in Quicken, and first deactivated it using Edit Account details in Account Actions . After this I edited Account Details to reflect the new account number. In "Comments" there, I documented succinctly, the reason for the acct. # change and the old account number for future reference. Following this, from within Edit Account Details, I activated the account. After this, One Step Update pulled transactions from the FI and the account in question / with that new account number. Now, this account with the fraudulent charges, shows the fraudulent charges and the financial institution taking care of them / issuing me a credit.
  • BillArf - thanks for the guidance and instructions!
Anyway, probably easiest way at this point to get things squared away is to do a Quicken RESTORE using a Quicken manual or automatic backup made just before you deactivated that account.   Do a RESTORE  with your Quicken backup.  Do you have a recent manual backup? Have you gotten back to square one doing a restore?
  • For some reason, at  no point in this process (which I have tried a few times) does my Quicken program offer a choice to either link to an existing register or to add a new register.  Quicken just suggests a name for a new register.  If I type in the name of the now deactivated register, Quicken responds with a message something like "that name is already in use."
  • BillArf, I just noticed that I didn't answer your last question!  I do have current backups - both Quicken automatic as well as my own manual backup.  I in fact did use the automatic backup to get back to square one and tried to go through the same process again, but got same result I described before (no choice  to link or add.)
It is really your choice.  I've heard of users doing it both ways.  No right or wrong choice as I see it.  
  • q.lurker...  I agree no right or wrong choice but I'd think most Quicken users would prefer to keep the same credit card register in Quicken.  Reality is all that happened was account and card number change.  Now, if there was lets call it a big ta do and the account was actually closed then perhaps I want a new Quicken register..  Again, up to the Quicken users discretion/personal preference.
  • FWIW: my personal choice is a new Quicken account.

    I like the fact that no matter how many synapses quit firing, I won't lose track of the fact that at a specific point in time, I got a new account. I know I'll remember what happened a month afterwards, but a year or two later ... not so much. And for me, putting reminder transactions in the account to tell me that the account got a new account number doesn't work too well, as I then need to remember that there are reminders to be looked at ... which also doesn't work so well.

    I do not assume that anyone else shares my personal opinion; I only offer it so there'll be a record that someone does it the way I do - and why.
  • Thanks to all of you!!
Some users see it as new" number, "new" account.  Others see it as the same account with a different name.
I have always treated it as a name change and continued with the same account register.

Just follow Billarf's instructions and you should be good to go.
  • splasher - thanks!

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