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alternatives to quicken

I am very annoyed by the dissabling of Online Access for Quicken 2010.
I am very much considering dumping it after 14 years of use.
Anyone knows good alternatives to Quicken?
What about Mint; anybody used adn has any imput?
Thank you
  • You couldn't have been using Q2010 for 14 years.  So you must have upgrade a couple times along the way.  What's the problem with upgrading again now?
  • This is not the place to go fishing for competitors to Intuit products.
Mint is free, try it for yourself.

I will tell you why I don't like it though.
1) Only access is online.
2) Only can dump 1 year's worth of data to a CSV file.
3) Can not import any data from my data (like Quicken data).

On the discontinuing of online service.  Maintaining the downloading of transactions is a very labor intense expensive operation for Intuit.  They need to get paid for it.  That is why it is a 3 year service, not something you have a right to for the rest of your life.  This is nothing new it has been a paid service like this for at least 10 years.

On the going another product.  Good luck on that one.  Quicken might have its warts, but there isn't anything out there in the same ballpark as it, in features and such.  Also I might add that all the "competitors" at dinky 10 or less companies or open source which more suited for developers then users.  And whether they know it or not they better pray that Intuit/Quicken continues, because only a large company like  Intuit has the pull with the financial institutions to keep the pipelines open to get the transactions.

Besides if you go by cost it is ridiculously cheap.  I have consistently been able to pick up the current version of Quicken (Deluxe) at CostCo or for about $40 ($43.25 with tax).  If I was to buy it only once in 3 years (expiring of downloading is actually more like every 3 1/2 years), that would come to about $1.20 a month).  And this for something as important as my/your finances.

If you find a product that is superior please do come back and tell us about it.
(I haven't looked lately, but I have done extensive searches in the past and found nothing close.  MS Money was the only true competitor, and Microsoft stopped making it years ago because they weren't making enough money on it.)

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