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Wells Fargo One Step Update not downloading

I upgraded to Quicken Home & Business on March 5, 2013 because of the warning of the update feature not being available.  Since then my six Wells Fargo accounts have not been updating correctly. They say that they have updated successfully, but in fact download nothing.

I have the latest update R12, I have deactivated/reactivated the accounts from online services, I have Reset DTSTART all of the accounts.

What gives? My previous version worked just fine until the 2013 upgrade. It's exhausting to have paid for a program to maintain my checkbook and then have to do it myself manually anyways.
  • I'm having the exact same problem as you describe and is described in multiple threads here.  Quicken user since the mid-1990's and I've never had an issue with an upgrade.  All of my accounts download transactions fine except for the Wells Fargo accounts.  I do not get an error and everything seems to go fine, but no new transactions.  DTSTART does not correct  the problem.  Deactivating/reactivating (which is what Quicken help pages suggest even as of today) was my next planned step but Tamara has said not to do that anymore.  Why are the recommendations from Quicken conflicting?

    For some reason all of the other threads are locked and I see no concrete explanation or resolution anywhere.  Obviously this is a bug and Quicken needs to explain it and provide crystal clear guidance for a fix.
  • It's sad, I too have been using Quicken for many years with no problems until I was forced to upgrade to 2013.  I wish that Quicken would stop passing the buck, recognize an issue in their software and resolve it.  
    To Quicken and its employees:  Computer hardware and software are imperfect (end users understand that) what we are not tolerant of is when you have taken our money for a product, and have not made any attempts to acknowledge the issue or resolve it.  If you do not believe me or others posting here, look at user reviews.  Quicken 2013 SUCKS at downloading transactions from financial institutions, get it right, you are losing customers!
  • I had this same issue and have gone through a chat session and a phone session with the out come being,"we have put you on a list and will inform you when we have a solution". Of course, no solution has been offered and it is clear from reading these posts that I am certainly not alone although I was not able to deactivate and reactivate and even do one good download of transactions but today I can say that I have resolved my problem but can only hope it does not return. Here are the steps I took but maybe someone at Intuit can use this information to determine what was really wrong and come up with a better solution that will stick.

    1. Having another identical Windows 7 computer with Quicken 2011 on it I tried creating a new file (can't use the Quicken 2013 file because they are not backward compatible) and connected to my Wells Fargo accounts as if I was a new user setting it up for the first time. Wells Fargo transactions were easily downloaded.
    2. the next step was to install Quicken 2013 on this computer which uninstalls the old version. I used the file just created on the old version of Quicken that had been upgraded to the new 2013 format and confirmed that it still worked.
    3. Made a copy of the file file from the original computer and put it on the new machine. When I opened the file it was able to complete downloads of transactions from Wells Fargo after reactivating the web connect option. this confirmed for me that the data file was not the problem.
    4. Back on original computer I reinstalled Quicken 2013, that didn't help. I then used the "Programs and Features" control panel to manually remove Quicken and then reinstalled Quicken, still didn't work. I uninstalled Quicken again.
    5. I then created a new user in Windows 7 and installed Quicken 2013 (of course with all these installs allowing the installer to continue on and install all the updates) and wonder of wonders it worked and downloaded transaction normally. I have now used it for 2 days without a hiccup and it continues to work.

    It seems to me that even though I did an uninstall of Quicken from the original user account, some remnant was left behind that was causing the problem and only creating a clean new user account solved the problem. That is obviously not the best solution, so here's hoping the techs can gather from this trouble shooting what the preferred solution might be and shoot it out to all the poor souls suffering with this problem. BTW I am lucky in that I am a Mac user who only relies on Windows because Intuit hasn't seen fit to give us a reasonable product on the Mac side.

    Good luck to all

  • Connects to WellsFargo fine, pulls the two brokerage accounts we have there, but shows zero amounts. This is quite frustrating. No errors, just plain zeros.  Please let me know what I would have to provide, to get a resolution to this issue.
I don't believe that the OL-301 error was the actual source of not downloading transactions for the original poster but an 899 error which is not presented to the user as an error but is buried in the log file. My solution to my specific situation previously in this link worked but as it turned out was not necessary. Creating a new user created a new Internet Explorer set of preferences which in this case did not activate TLS v 1.2 If you go to this tread you will find the real culprit and solution which is to disable TLS v1.2. I confirmed this worked by going back to my original broken Windows user account and making the fix and then opening Quicken with the original data file and confirming that I could now download transactions again. I certainly wish that Intuit would get this temporary fix out until they make the real fix which supports the TLS v1.2 security protocol.
  • Thanks for the information brianvegas.  Unfortunately when I checked the security settings for my IE I saw that TLS 1.2 was not enabled.  So this fix doesn't appear to be relevant to the current issues, unless I am missing something.

    What I'm definitely missing is any useful guidance from Intuit on this.  The lack of acknowledgement of the problem coupled with the lack of helpful feedback is very frustrating.  I would like my new version of Quicken that I recently paid too much money for to actually work like the previous versions have for the past 20 years.  I don't think that is an unreasonable viewpoint!
  • As explained above, we did have a problem (and acknowledged it here on the Community) and resolved that issue before noon PDT on 5/3/13. Any lingering issues after that are addressed on the article provided on that Community Announcement - - for resolving system file issues.

    Given that you've been unable to get satisfactory results on this User to User forum, I strongly advise you to contact Quicken Support and provide your OFX & Connlog files for review to determine why you're not getting resolved with these methods.  

    If you're uncomfortable sharing your financial data with Quicken Support, contact Wells Fargo Online Banking Support for this Direct Connect error. They should be collecting your OFX & Connlog files from your Quicken file, same as Quicken Support, and they also have a very competent escalations team if the frontline agent is unable to successfully resolve your error.

    Quicken Support =

    Wells Fargo Online Support = 800-956-4442
  • Once again I have to point out that Quicken is NOT returning an error message or any error codes in the CONNLOG.  The Community Announcement you referenced pertains only to instances where an error code is returned and that is not my experience nor is it some of the others' experience here.  I am going to contact support now and see where that gets me.

    Please leave this thread open until everyone who has posted here gets their issues resolved.  It will really help the Quicken user base for at least one of these threads to endure through actual resolution.  I will post back with an update once I have one.
The server issue causing the OL-301 error was resolved as of 11:45am PDT today (5/3/13).

Try your update again.  If you still encounter the error, please contact Wells Fargo Online Banking for assistance with the <STATUS>ERROR that would be shown in your OFX log.
  • I'm not sure that you were responding to my post, but I am NOT receiving any error messages.  I receive a summary screen that says that all accounts have "updated successfully."  My Wells Fargo accounts show no new transactions.

    I then have to reset the DSTART date to the date that transactions are missing from and then deactivate and reactivate the accounts for One Step Update and then it will work once.  Once I close Quicken , I cannot update my Wells Fargo accounts unless I go through those steps again.
  • I'm having the same problem.  If I login to Wells Fargo and download the *.qfx file I can import into Quicken 2013 and it is has all the correct balances.  If I quit Quicken2013 and start over using the "One Step  Update" it makes all the Wells Fargo accounts balances incorrect.

    My other accounts Scottrade/Fidelity all load into Quicken correctly.  For some reason in April 2013 when I upgraded to Quicken2013 I cannot use "One Step Update" with my Wells Fargo account.

    Has anyone from Quicken talked to Wells Fargo to find out what this issue is?
  • I'm having a problem trying to update my accounts also. It started with quicken 2013. In my case, the first time I try to update the program comes back with a server error and then says try again. If I click try again it will usually go through.  Quicken 2013 it the worst version I have ever owned.  None of my other accounts will even work with quicken in the one step update process. It is a manual download for all of them.

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