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download transactions after quicken expires

Hello, my Quicken 2010 Premier is set to expire tomorrow.  I have already encountered inability to download transactions to 2 of my bank accounts.  I believe this is a violation of the terms of service, but that is another topic.

My understanding is even with Quicken expired, I should have the ability to manually download transactions from my bank website, and import into Quicken (QFX file).  However, when I attempt to do so, I get a message:

Quicken is currently unable to verify the financial institution information for this download.  Please try again later.
I then get a second message:
Your Quicken 2010 online services have been discontinued [OL-221-A]

Any suggestions out there?
    The current issue you may be encountering is being resolved right now (effective 10:30am PDT 4/29/13)and is impacting a few financial institutions only.

    The reason you will not be able to download and import a QFX file from your financial institution (FI)  after 4/30/13 is that branding will be completely disabled.  The QFX import requires active branding in order to complete.

    When branding is disabled, the program will report "unable to verify financial institution information", possibly paired with an OL-220 or OL-221, and the import will not complete.

    Financial Institutions and Intuit all have to maintain servers to support products for downloading.  From our side, that's different platforms - Windows, Mac, Online and what Mobile apps we have - along with different products (Quicken, Mint, QuickBooks, Turbo Tax, and FinanceWorks), with different versions.  Taken from the FI side, they also support other non-Intuit applications (iBank, Moneydance, and a myriad of others).

    This can get very pricey to maintain for all parties involved, not to mention structurally problematic as technology advances and new & improved systems become available.  The Mac Lion launch was been a major pain-point for our mutual customers, as an example.  Windows has Windows 8 that released recently, and Apple launched Mt. Lion not long after Lion.

    Those changes, alone, can cause the ability to update Security Certificates and manage hardware to be a huge challenge.  They can also render applications and processes obsolete.

    To better manage these expenses and advances, Intuit has chosen to support the current year product + the 2 years previous, with a part-year overlap where the version that will be retired is still supported until tax season to ease the transition of our customers.

    • I've been using QUICKEN for YEARS!  Before buying the 2010 Version, with my older versions, I could manually download and load banking and credit card transactions in to my account.  It took some extra time and steps but did it for years, then finally bought an upgrade.  I ignored the recent notices about onlince services discontinuing because assumed I would still be able to do as I had done in the past, manually download and load.  But doesn't seem to be working that way.  SAD!  Guess you've finally figured out a way to force us to buy your upgrades (or shop for another product).  Or is this what is being resolved?  Explanation above was in circles, so unsure but sounded like a Not Going to Happen.
    • What version did you have before 2010?  When you buy Quicken you get 3 years of downloading service.  it's been that way for years.  But you can still use your program manually.  I was using Quicken 2004 manually up until Dec 2012 then I switched to Q2013.  If you want to continue to download you will have to buy newer version of Quicken when online services is stopped.

      So you must have upgraded to newer versions like 2010 before the old version was sunsetted or you were very lucky to still download to expired versions.


      Quicken 2009 (Win) -- April 30, 2012
      Quicken 2008 (Win) -- April 27, 2011
      Quicken 2007 (Win) – April 30, 2010
      Quicken 2006 (Win) – April 30, 2009
      Quicken 2005 (Win) – April 30, 2008
      Quicken 2004 – April 30, 2007
      Quicken 2003 – April 25, 2006
      Quicken 2002 – April 19, 2005
      Quicken 2001 – April 19, 2005
      Quicken 2000 – May 18, 2004
      Quicken 98 and 99 – April 20, 2004

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