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How to remove old reconciled transactions downloaded from Quicken Bill Pay?

I'm currently using Quicken 2012 on a Windows 7 PC. I am also using Quicken Bill Pay. I'm a long time user of both products (over 15 years) and have had no problems until recently. I've spent all day trying to get help, but neither Quicken Support nor Quicken Bill Pay Support can help me. Let me try to describe the problem:

Quicken Bill Pay has downloaded 301 old transactions into my two checking accounts. These transactions date as far back as 2005, and all have a Status of either 'Date Changed', 'Pmt Changed', or 'Payee Changed'. The problem is that there is NO delete option for these transactions. The only option is to 'Accept' the transactions. BUT, when I accepted the transactions, they CHANGED the category, which then totally messed up my Quicken data.

I have restored my last backup from BEFORE the Quicken Bill Pay download problem. But then the next time I did a One Step Update all the old Quicken Bill Pay transactions were downloaded again.

Quicken Bill Pay Support could not help me, and referred me to Quicken Support. Quicken Support tried to help, but only managed to replicate the problem and yet claimed the problem was resolved!

So my problem remains:
How do I remove the old reconciled transactions downloaded from Quicken Bill Pay without accepting them?

Thanks for your help!
  • Thanks, Sherlock. I'll try to remember that method if it happens again. Yesterday I spent hours and hours accepting each transaction one at a time so I could find it and change the category back to what it should be. Then I had to go to each account and check the 'Reconciled' column for each transaction that I accepted. When I was satisfied that my data file was correct, I made a backup. I haven't opened Quicken yet today, but next time I do open it, I hope the old transactions don't come back!

    Speaking of 'Validate and Repair', I've been wondering if I should do a Validate or a 'Super Validate' to my file after all this mess. I've never gotten a good handle on when it is appropriate to do either, and would appreciate your advice.

  • Regarding "Validate and Repair", if you haven't already, you may want to review:
  • Thanks for the link, Sherlock. The article didn't explain how to do a 'Super Validate', but otherwise it was helpful.
  • PS - I opened Quicken today and skipped the 'One Step Update'. Then I did a 'Validate and Repair' and read the Data Log. Several minor repairs were made, but there were 5 scheduled transactions that were 'corrected'. Any idea what that means? It did not say which scheduled transactions were corrected, and I have many more than 5 scheduled transactions set up in Quicken. I depend on these to help me stay on budget and not get overdrawn, so I wish there was a way I could examine the 'corrected' scheduled transactions just to be sure they are still accurate.
  • To "Super Validate', press the Ctrl and Shift keys while selecting File->File Operations->Validate and Repair...
    With regard to the corrected scheduled transactions, I can't tell you exactly what it means but I doubt that the changes that were made will break anything.  It's a pain, but you can certainly review all of the scheduled transactions if you're truly concerned.
  • Thanks, Sherlock!

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