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copy multiple transactions to another account 2013 to move to another account

I have a 2 separate IRA account with few years of transaction history and want to copy them to a new  combined IRA account (all one account)

Can copy multiple transactions ( from Account A ) and paste them into the new combined  IRA account

Even when I copy the transaction from IRA account  the paste option  is greyed out in the combined account.

Can I export those transactions and import them into the new account as a work around.



    Note: Make a backup first in case you don't like the results

    Try using the "Shares transferred between accounts" transaction in your investment account.  It should do what you are wanting and still preserve the historical detail.
    • Can I keep the Original transaction Date?
    • If you manually do it.  Try it in a copy of your data file.  It will retain the original acquisition date so that short/long term can be properly determined.  If you aren't happy with the results, delete the test file.
    • The shares added transactions have a field to show the original acquire date, called Date Acquired. The Shares transferred between accounts action will populate the Date Acquired field for each lot of each security you transfer.

      One reason it is recommended to do the backup first is so you can try things out and see how they work without being committed.

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