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how to transfer my PC Quicken 2013 to iMac desktop?

Is there a way to transfer my 2013 Quicken for PC that uses Windows XP,  to my new iMac desktop?  Are they compatible or do I have to buy a Quicken product specifically for this iMac?
    Check out VirtualBox ( It's free VM software that lets you run Windows on a Mac.
      Quicken for PC does not run on a Mac. I am in a similar situation. I run a product called Parallels ( to run virtual PCs on my Mac and I run the Quicken for PC on the virtual PC running on the Mac hardware.  
      • thanks, I'll give it a try, but might be easier to just buy a new program for Mac
      • That's what I thought initially. However, on investigation, the Mac version (which I think is called Quicken essentials) did not have the same functionality as Quicken on the PC. Just a thought that you might want to bear in mind...
      • There is also Quicken 2007 for Mac, which is closer to the Windows version, if a bit dated.
      • I purchased Quicken home and business 2013 earlier this year, had used this Quicken product since the late 90's. When my PC died, I got an iMac. Because the purchase was still within a short timeframe I was able to ask for a refund and purchase the Mac version - Quicken Essentials. This is a terrible product. Why doesn't Intuit make them equal between platforms. Do they think Mac users need a dumbed down version? It is awful, so I will be uninstalling it and not going back. I cannot find my way around to do simple tasks, adding accounts is painful, it prompts you to enter information not available and there's no way around and to even update your passwords for existing accounts is a pain. There are no similarities between the two products. You're better off just using which is free and not using Quicken to track your spending - use your online bill pay from your bank.
      • I am also an XP user who just switched to iMac and I completely agree with swolak that the functionality of Quicken 2013 Deluxe is not ported to Quicken Essentials.  I also cannot understand why there needs to be two different products.  I am completely disgusted with Essentials and will look at how I can run a Windows partition on my iMac so I can go back to running Quicken 2013.  I am already dreading tax time if this is an example of Intuit's quality products.
      • Try the link posted above.  There is another version Quicken 2007 for Mac that's more like Windows.

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