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Is Quicken Deluxe 2010 compatible with Windows 8?

Which versions of Quicken Deluxe are compatible with WINDOWS 8?
    old geezer  ....  Yes, Quicken 2010 will run on Windows 8.  Of course, there very well could be issues in regard to printing, sounds, etc..   Also, do know that only Quicken 2013 is supported by Intuit in regard to Windows 8.

    If you do plan to live another 5 years or more  8-) , consider the issue of getting Quicken 2010 to install and work correctly with future computers you buy / computers with an even newer operating systems on them.  I suggest that you do yourself a favor and buy Quicken 2013 which --will easily convert your Quicken 2010 data file. --  With Quicken 2013 you will have moved to current, supported software that will better serve you and software that your financial record keeping / your finances deserve. In say 3 years, move to another newer version of Quicken.  

    Go to for a very decent price on Quicken 2013.
    Do not buy Quicken 2013 Starter Edition, buy Quicken 2013 Deluxe or higher....

    Important / a must is that your current Quicken 2010 data file password (the password you type in when you start Quicken) is under 15 characters in length BEFORE, --before-- you start the upgrade path to Quicken 2013 !

    If you go with Quicken 2013,  -do- turn on Quicken 2013 automatic back-ups.    Also regardless of whether you use Quicken 2009 or whatever version, do get into the habit of doing routine Quicken manual back-ups say using a thumb drive / memory stick.

      You can find out which Quicken version is compatible with different versions of Windows here:

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